The sanctuary of Demeter, shielded on three sides by the city wall, was separated from the city itself by another wall. Following the Sacred Way through the entrance gate leads the visitor into the Great Forecourt. It was in this spot that the initiates first gathered upon reaching Eleusis from Athens. Arches on either side of the square once led to the city and to visitors' quarters and were supported by Corinthian columns upon quadrangular bases. In the center of the Great Forecourt are the foundations of the temple of Artemis Propylaia and a temple to Poseidon. Altars to the east and north were dedicated to these gods and an Eschara (large ground altar), built in Roman times, is located in the north west corner. To the south of the Great Forecourt at the North West corner of the Greater Propylaea is the "Kallichoron", the Well of the Fair Dances. Some scholars, however, believe that is the Parthenion, Well of the Maidens, at which Demeter stopped to rest.

The "Kallichoron" The Great Forecourt, Temple of Artemis
in fore, Greater Propylaea in background