The Temenos of Zeus Naios has four discernable stages of growth. Original worship centered on the oak itself in the 8th century BC and tripod fragments from this stage have been discovered. In the 4th century BC, a stone temple was built with a cella and pronaos. A peribolos wall surrounded this new temple and the oak tree. Later, the wall was torn down and replaced with three Ionic colonnades and a fourth solid wall. After the sacred groves were burned in 219 BC, an Ionic portico and adyton were added and the peribolos was rebuilt.

To the east, a Temple of Dione as well as a small temple or sanctuary to Herakles once stood. They were later partially built over by an Early Christian basilica.

Temple of Zeus (front), Dione Temple, Herakles Sanctuary, and Christian Basilica Temple of Zeus Naios from the East "Sacred Oak" of the oracle
The Christian basilica from the East apse The Christian basilica from the West The Christian basilica baptistry from the South-East