The Earliest traces of occupation at Delphi date from the Neolithic Era. Remains from the Early and Middle Bronze Ages have been found, as well as evidence of settlements from the Mycenean period (1600-1100 BC).

Originally, Mother Earth (known as Ge) and Poseidon were worshipped here and the site was named Pytho, as mentioned by Homer. There was an oracle here at the cave of Python, son of Ge. The area was colonized by the inhabitants of Lykorea, but Pytho was in the territory of Krisa. The island deity, Apollo Dolphinios, worshiped in the form of a Delphin, was imported from Crete into Krisa and eventually replaced the worship of Ge at Pytho during the period between the 11th and 8th centuries BC. Pytho's name was thus changed to Delphoi and the oracle now belonged to Apollo. Later, Dionysos and Athena Pronaia would become associated with site.