Narrow steep steps to the west lead up into the Theatre, built in the 4th Century BC. The auditorium is comprised of 35 rows of seats and could fit 5,000 spectators. The theatre is built of local Parnassos limestone. Like most theatres, there was a skene (stage), orchestra (paved and 18 meters across), and the koilon (auditorium). Plays, music contests, and poetry competitions were all held here.

Up the pathway running east are the Monument of the Thessalians and the ruined Temenos of Neoptolemos. To the northeast was the Fountain of Kassotis. To the east was the Lesche of the Knidians, a meeting place dedicated by the inhabitants of the city Knidos in the 5th century BC. Famous murals of the Fall of Troy and Odysseus' journey once decorated this narrow hall.

Theater Theater Temenos of Neptolemus