The Propylaea consisted of a central hall and two flanking wings. The central hall is a rectangle and its side walls have antae at each end. Facing east and west are two Doric hexastyle porticoes. The hall itself is divided by the portal, consisting of five gateways. A paved ramp leads through the center gateway while stairs lead up into the smaller side gateways. Of the two wings, the north wing is the best preserved. Both wings have porticoes, with the north wings portico screening a chamber behind, named the Pinakotheke, while the south portico has nothing behind it and is slightly smaller. Two further halls were going to be added to the Propylaea but both were abandoned in their beginning stages. The Mycenaean Wall stands here next to the SE corner of the southern wing.

Central building from the west Eastern view of Propylaea Propylaea and Mycenaean Wall