From the north porch, a small opening leads down to an outer court (no longer enclosed) of the Erecthion where a small temple, the Pandroseion, and the sacred olive tree of Athena were located. The modern tree was planted in 1917 on the ancient olive tree's conjectured location, possibly indicated by an ancient water pipe. The southwest corner of the Erechthion was built to avoid disturbing the Tomb of Cecrops (ancestor of the Athenians).

The southern porch, known as the Porch of the Maidens, consists of a wall topped by six caryatids, four in the front, and two on the sides. Caryatids are statues of women used in place of columns. They support an entablature with decorated capitals but no frieze. Of the original six, five survive. One was taken to England by Lord Elgin and the others are in the Acropolis museum. Six casts of the originals, with titanium cores, now stand on the porch.

South-west corner and Tomb of Cecrops Porch of the Maidens detail Porch of the Maidens Porch of the Maidens at sunset