The Beule Gate, named after a French archaeologist, was founded by F. Septimus Marcellinus in AD 280 and served a defensive purpose. Above the lintel is the name Pantaleon of Sikyon, a flute player. The way up the Acropolis from within the gate was modified many times. Starting with a late-Archaic ramp, the ascent was eventually widened and later replaced with stairs divided by a small central ramp for sacrificial animals.

Halfway up the stair case is a landing with the Monument of Agrippa. This monument was originally dedicated in 178 BC in honor of a Pergamene charioteer's victory in the Panathenaic Games. At different dates it held two different chariot statues. Later, statues of Antony and Cleopatra were placed upon it, only to blow down in 31 BC. In 27 BC, after Marcus Agrippa's third term as consul, a dedication to him was placed upon the structure.

Beule Gate from West Beule Gate from the Propylaea Monument of Agrippa