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Interim Abroad

The Lion Gate at Mycenae.

Mary Hulst horsing around in the stadium at Delphi. Perhaps Apollo told her to do it...

A student report by the ancient walls of Mycenae: what a beautiful day!

In the Temple of Apollo at Corinth.

On the Acropolis in Athens. This is the view that greets you after you exit the Propyleia and approach the Parthenon.

Nightlife on the island of Samos. Here we enjoy a meal at the Taverna Katoi in Vathy.

Ross Peterson seeks a bit of spritual guidance while crossing the Gulf of Corinth. Here we are on our way to Delphi.

A group of Calvin students and alumni aboard the "Nikos Kazankakis" in Piraeus, waiting for our departure for Iraklion, Crete. Left to right: Jeanne Koning, Christine Van Dyke, Kendall Bos, Heidi Arkema, Joy Koning.

All photographs were taken by Ken Bratt or Mark Williams