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Biduum Latinum Calvinianum - Pictures

Images and quotes from the 2013 Biduum Latinum Calvinianum

"As I said numerous times on Saturday, I loved the conference. It was such a joy to be with a group of like-minded Latinists. It was also a good affirmation for me that I'm not too bad at spoken Latin." Michael K., Michigan.

"This weekend was a blast. So lovely to read and discuss (in Latin!) our favorite authors...I really liked the way things ran this weekend. Allowing English during breaks was nice." - Christie P., Kentucky.

"While I knew I was way out of my league at the Biduum, I learned so much and am very grateful for the experience.  It has changed the way I will conduct my teaching in Latin.  I think the class will be much more interesting and meaningful (and FUN)." Karen A., Lake Odessa, MI