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Latin Major - B.A. Program

Program Objectives

Upon graduation, students earning this degree should be able to demonstrate:

1. Advanced competency in foreign language skills in classical Latin:

  • Recognize and employ a substantial vocabulary in the language
  • Identify and use correct forms of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, & verbs
  • Understand and employ correct grammar & syntax
  • Comprehend and correctly translate Latin prose & poetry
  • Interpret Roman literature effectively in its cultural context

2. Broad familiarity with ancient Roman culture:

  • Recognize and discuss major figures and developments in Roman history
  • Identify and discuss major characteristics of Roman civilization, including typical values and beliefs
  • Know and discuss major contributions of Roman culture to our own
  • Understand and discuss the cultural diversity of the Roman world and the rise of Christianity within it

3. Special knowledge of at least three major Roman authors:

  • Understand and discuss the context, structure, and function of literary works
  • Employ appropriate skills in the critical analysis of literature

4. Appropriate writing and research skills:

  • Translate Latin texts accurately into idiomatic English
  • Analyze Roman literature and civilization effectively in essays short & long
  • Identify and employ classical scholarship appropriately in research

5. Empathy for the ancient Greeks & Romans and discernment in using the classical heritage to serve the modern world:

  • Understand the values and beliefs of Roman writers & artists and discuss reasons for those beliefs
  • Articulate a Christian perspective toward Roman civilization and its significance for our own
  • Consider the transmission, assessment, and renewal of the classical heritage as a task of Christian stewardship and part of our vocation


Latin Major

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