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Academics: Classics 221

Classics 221: Classical Art and Architecture

Professor: David Noe
Office: HH 361
Phone: (616) 526-6295

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the major monuments and sites of ancient Greek and Roman civilization from the Bronze Age to the late Empire. We give primary attention to the origins and development of Greek sculpture, painting, & architecture, and to their transformation in the arts of Rome and early Christianity. Like most art history courses, this one is taught primarily through slide lectures and requires short analytical papers.

Expectations & Grading: The primary expectations are faithful attendance and punctual completion of all reading and writing requirements. Grades will be based on three tests and three papers, all of which are weighted equally. Students who wish to earn honors credit must complete one substantial research project (instead of the third short paper) and earn an overall grade of B+ or higher in the course. Calvin College will make reasonable accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities. Such students should notify the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities (Student Academic Services, HH 455) and should speak with me within the first two weeks of class.

Textbooks: (in order of use)

Preziosi, Donald & Louise Hitchcock. Aegean Art & Architecture. (Oxford: 2000)
Pollitt, Jerome J. Art & Experience in Classical Greece. (Cambridge: 1972)
Burn, Lucilla. Hellenistic Art From Alexander the Great to Augustus. (Oxford: 2005)
Ramage, Nancy & Andrew. Roman Art: Romulus to Constantine.
Prentice Hall 5th ed: 2009)

Major topics covered: 

Introduction to Prehistoric Aegean Art; Minoan Art & Architecture
Mycenaean Art & Architecture; The Collapse of Mycenaean civilization
“Geometric” & “Orientalizing” art
Archaic Art & Architecture
Early Classical Art & Architecture
High Classical Art & Architecture; The Parthenon
Late Classical Art & Architecture
The Age of Alexander the Great; Hellenistic public art & architecture
Hellenistic private art & themes
Introduction to Roman civilization; art & architecture of the Roman Republic
The Augustan Age; The Julio-Claudians
The Flavians; Trajanic art & architecture
Hadrianic art & architecture; the Antonines
Art & Architecture of the 3rd century
The earliest Christian art; Constantine
The legacy of classical art     


Minoan and Mycenaean:

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fol. DF 759 H513 1975 v.1
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Greek Art and Archaeology (general):

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Greek Architecture:

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Greek Pottery and Painting:

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Greek Sculpture:

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Roman Art and Archeology (general):

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Roman Architecture:

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Roman Painting:

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Roman Sculpture:

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Early Christian Art and Architecture:

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