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Courses and Major

Major & Minors

Classical Studies Major (33-36 semester hours)

Classical Studies Minor (18-20 semester hours)

Greek Minor (18-20 semester hours)

Latin Minor (18-20 semester hours)

Archaeology Minor

Medieval Studies Minor

Honors in classics

To graduate with honors in any of the classics majors, students must complete a total of six honors courses overall (18 hours minimum), including at least three honors courses outside the major and at least three inside the major (one of which must be at the 300-level), complete an honors research paper (normally during the senior year) with a public presentation of the results, and earn a GPA of at least 3.5, both overall and in the major.


Classical Studies

Classics 211 - Classical Literature
Classics 221 - Classical Art and Architecture
Classics 231 - Classical Mythology


Greek 101 - Elementary I
Greek 102 - Elementary II
Greek 201 - Intermediate Greek
Greek 203 - Biblical Greek
Greek 205 - Greek Prose
Greek 206 - Greek Poetry
Greek 300 Readings in Greek Literature


Latin 101 - Beginning Latin I
Latin 102 - Beginning Latin II
Latin 201 - Intermediate Latin
Latin 205 - Latin Prose
Latin 206 - Latin Poetry
Latin 300 - Readings in Latin Literature