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Academics: Major

Chinese language major

The Chinese language major is offered by the Hubers Asian studies program and consists of 12 courses.

Graduation requirements

To graduate with a Chinese major you must take a minimum of eight Chinese language courses and four culture courses, with at least one of the latter at the 300 level.

  • East Asia (History 245 or 246 or 346)
  • Chinese thought and culture (Philosophy 225)
  • World Religions (Religion 255 or 355)
  • one 300 level cultural elective (Art 241; Economics 237, when on Asia; Political Science 277; History 245, 246, 272, 346, 371; Religion 355)
  • eight Chinese language courses (101/102, 201/202, 301/302, 311/312)

Things to remember

  • Other courses must be approved by the Hubers Asian studies program and German and Asian languages department.

Off-campus programs

During Fall semester each year, Calvin offers its own full-time Chinese language and history program in Beijing, China at Capital Normal University. The program in Beijing is for students with or without prior knowledge of Chinese.

Asian studies

Calvin also offers an Asian studies major. This program prepares students to follow God's calling to be his hands and feet—whether in international development, business, education, medicine, law, missions or in other areas—to an increasingly important area of the world, Asia.