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Social Activities: Chili Cook-Off

2012 Habanero Club

At our 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off, the bravest students took on the challenge of eating a habanero pepper with the goal of joining the Habanero Club. This year, 22 students joined this prestigious group with no repeat contenders (it's brutal!) After consuming the pepper, students were offered a bowl of ice cream!

Why not a glass of water to cool down? The active ingredient in a habanero is capsasian, which is not water-soluble, so water actually spreads it and enhances the effects. However, the fat in the ice cream binds to capsasian and dissolves it, which counter-acts the effects of this spicy ingredient! Great benefits to hanging around a group of chemists!

Chili Cook-Off Winner 2012 ~ Professor Tatko!


A competitive rivalry begins to brew every February as faculty tweak and perfect their favorite chili recipe in hopes of winning the coveted chili bowl! (It's about way more than just the bowl!!)

However, there's always a price to pay in winning. The chili winner is required to display the bowl in their office and keep it filled with a surplus of candy for an entire year with easy access to students, faculty and staff.

2010 winner chili bowl
Professor Chad Tatko grasps the trophy from previous year winner, Professor Vander Griend!!

2012 Photos of The Night

< Professor Benson
always wins'Best Dressed' thanks to his HOT chili pepper shirt!

Can't beat the amazing tasting chili's, salads and homemade breads! >