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Summer Research 2010

Research: Undergraduate Research

On-Campus Summer Research Program

Summer 2014 found 24 undergraduate students working alongside 10 faculty members for 10 weeks of full-time summer research. Students participated in a wide variety of projects including watching membrane proteins in real time, investigating the binding interaction of insulin with G-Quadruplex DNA, cell signaling and endocytosis in kidney cancer, to exploration into rotationally restricted n-alkyl quinolines and numerous other projects.

At the completion of their project, each student submitted a report and presented a poster at the Science Division Poster session in October during Family Weekend. Projects are funded by a variety of grants and fellowships, as well as Calvin funds.

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2014 Summer Research Projects

Prof. Carolyn Anderson and Andrea Bootsma: Exploration into Rotationally Restricted N-Alkyl Quinolines

Prof. Carolyn Anderson and Brian Heidmann: Microwave Assisted Gold-catalyzed Rearrangement of N-Propargyloxypyridines

Prof. Carolyn Anderson, Joy Christopher, and Connor Reidy: Synthesis of N-Alkyl Pyridone Containing β- and γ-Amino Acids

Prof. Eric Arnoys, Aimee Vos, and Sam Schuiteman: Watching Membrane Proteins in Real Time

Prof. Michael Barbachyn, Niecia Flikweert and Abbegail Bell: Synthesis of Functionalized 3-aryl and 3-heteroaryl-5-iodomethyl-2-oxazolidinones Via an Iodocyclocarbamation Reaction

Prof. David Benson, Taylor Hegg, Susan Hromada, and Matt Hollowell : Proteins as Antioxidants

Prof. Roger DeKock and Jared Weidman:
Trends in the Electronic Structure of Atoms

Prof. Brendan Looyenga, Miriam Rienstra, and Calvin VanOpstall: Cell Signaling and Endocytosis in Kidney Cancer

Prof. Brendan Looyenga and Jedidiah Bell: Effects of Selected Nutrichemicals on Glucose Uptake

Prof. Larry Louters, Kathryn Wrobel, and Evans Lodge: Relationship of the Activity of GLUT1 to its Tethering to the Cytoskeleton

Prof. Mark Muyskens and Kyle Disselkoen: Photochemistry: Photoelimination in Acetylacetone

Prof. Kumar Sinniah, Abby Leistra and Kayla Scholten: Characterizing Riboflavin Conjugated Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery in Chemotherapeutics

Prof. Kumar Sinniah, Maggie Van Winkle, and Lydia DeJonge: Investigating the Binding Interaction of Insulin with G-Quadruplex DNA

Prof. Doug Vander Griend, SeongEun Kim, Anna Michmerhuizen and Zac Drees: Nanomolecular Building Projects

Summer Research at Calvin

Summer Research Projects will be accepted beginning February 4, 2015.

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Before applying, you are required to contact the sponsoring faculty member(s) to discuss the projects that interest you. You may apply for up to three projects.

Deadline to apply for a summer research will be February 13, 2015.

Several of our summer research projects result in students becoming co-authors of publications »

High school students join our undergraduate summer research program through an ACS Project SEED grant »

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Off-Campus Research

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) also exist at other institutions. Summer research positions offer a stipend and often a travel and housing allowance. Check out 2015 Off-Campus Summer Research»