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Research: Off-Campus Summer Research

2015 Off-Campus Opportunities

On-Campus Research: Each summer Calvin College Science Division provides opportunities for almost 100 undergraduate students to engage in scientific research alongside an experienced faculty member here at Calvin. Students receive a stipend of $3,700 for a 10-week period of research.

Application Information for On-Campus Summer Student Fellowships with proposed research projects will posted in early February; deadline to apply is mid-February, 2015.

Summer of 2014 had 81 students working with Calvin professors from eight departments on 46 different research projects across the Science Division at Calvin College.
2014 projects

Off-Campus Research opportunities for undergraduates provide yet another opportunity for you to find professional application for the concepts and principles you learn in Calvin's Chemistry and Biochemistry program. As a summer researcher, you would work on a specific project under the direction of an employer-supervisor in an academic, corporate, non-profit or government agency environment. Calvin receives numerous inquiries from Universities, Institutions and Corporations for our students to do summer research work off-campus that offers a stipend and often a travel and housing allowance.

Off-Campus REU's are listed in order of earliest to latest application deadline.

Aeroteck Scientific - Full Time Job Opportunities -
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Application Deadline: Taking Applications (no fee)

Looking to hire entry level candidates for positions in Research, Quality Control & Assurance, Laboratory, Statistical Analysis, Technicians, Chemists and Microbiologists.
Contact: Alexandra Eckardt or 616-974-3531.

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows - Indianapolis, Indiana
Application Deadline December 15, 2014 (no fee)
After December 17, 2013 - $30 processing fee
Recruiting graduates to be in several subject areas, with a particular focus in math, science, english, special education and spanish. Program provides additional training to recent graduates to be placed in an Indiana school in the fall. Training and intenstive coaching throughout your first year.
Details »

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Application Deadline: February 11, 2015 (no fee)
A 10-week experience offered at U of I-Urbana that includes a $5000 stipend and $750 for laboratory expenses. Travel and housing provided. Contact Douglas A. Mitchell, Ph.D.

United States Dept of Homeland Security - Various Locations
Application Deadline: January 6, 2014
A 10-week experience offered at National Research labs across the country. Locations in Argonne, Idaho, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, Sandia, Savannah River, and other research facilities. $5000-$7000 stipend.
Details »

Department of Energy Scholars Program - Various Locations
Application Deadline: January 15, 2015
Scientific research conducted through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) supports an improved quality of life for all Americans. With a mission focused on discovering solutions to power and secure America's future. Stipends are up to $650 per week (depending on academic status) and allowances vary based on location.
Details »

Indiana University-Purdue Univ Indianapolis
Application Deadline: January 15, 2014
Graduate Research Assistantship beginning in August 2014. Tuition and a stipend as well as allowance for travel and supplies.

Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship - Various Locations
Application Deadline: January 15, 2014
10-week internship program (June -Aug) for students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM Majors). Encourage minority and female students in these fields, but all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. $600/week stipend and travel allowance.
Details »

Virginia Tech, Davis - Blacksburg, Virginia
Applications Available January 27, 2014
NSF Funded REU to involve students from colleges of Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences to study topic of societal violence. $5000 stipend as well as provided housing, meals and travel. Program Dates: May 27-August 1. Details»

North Dakota State University STEM - Fargo, North Dakota
Application Deadline: January 29, 2014
A 10-week summer research experience (May 27-Aug 2). The program includes on-campus housing, a $5000 stipend and a great opportunity for students to engage in an immersive, 10-week summer research experience. Some students will have the opportunity to present their research at a national conference.
Details »

Ernest F. Hollings - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Application Deadline: January 31, 2014
A 10-week, full-time internship position ($650/week) during the summer at a NOAA facility. Requirements include 3.0 GPA; sophomore studying a NOAA science.
Details »

NOAA Educational Partnership Program - Various Location
Application Deadline: January 31, 2014
The goal of this program targets students who have completed their sophomore year, attend minority serving institutions and have recently declared a major in a NOAA discipline. This is a 10-week with potential for a second year summer internship.
Details »

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Application Deadline: January 31, 2014
RiSE at Rutgers offers cutting-edge research in the sciences, technology, engineering and math--great interdisciplinary opportunities. Dates: May 27-August 1. Personal mentor and GRE prep as well as writing and oral presentation training. $4000-$5000 stipend; free housing and travel reimbursement up to $500.
Details »

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) -
Science Undergrad Lab Internship (SULI)
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Application Deadline: February 1, 2014
Summer internship program focusing on materials, neutron sciences, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology and national security. 10 weeks (June 3-Aug 9), $500/week stipend plus $125/week housing allowance plus travel allowance. Contact Cheryl Terry at ORAU for details. Watch the You Tube to discover a great experience. Additional summer research opportunities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

University of Wisconsin Medical College - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Application Deadline: February 1, 2014
A ten-week hands on laboratory experience through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Late May through July, 2014 (exact dates to be announced). Program geared toward Sophomore and Juniors interested in pursuing Graduate School. $3500 stipend and housing provided.
Details »

University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa
Carver College of Medicine
Application Deadline: February 3, 2014
Undergrad MSTP Research Program available to undergrads expecting to graduate in the 2013-14 academic year. A 10-week experience in biomedical sciences from May 27-August 1, 2014. $4150 stipend plus travel allowance; housing provided.
Details »

Amgen Scholars U.S. Program - Various Locations
Application Deadline: February 3, 2014
California Institute of Tech Deadline: February 14, 2014
Providing hundreds of undergraduate students with faculty-mentored summer research opportunities in science and engineering fields at ten U.S. host universities. Financial support varies by host university. Must be at least a current sophomore or junior or non-graduating senior status with 3.2 gpa or above and interested in pursing a PhD or MD.
Details »

University of Akron - Akron, Ohio
Application Deadline: February 7, 2014
A 12-week experience from May 19-August 8, 2014. Research areas include chemistry, physics, engineering, biomaterials. A $7,000 stipend plus $2,000 on-campus housing expenses.
Details »

Franciscan Institute for World Health,
North Chicago, Illinois

Application Deadline: February 14, 2014
The FIWH Neglected Diseases Initiative, in partnership with AbbVie, is coordinating, funding and continuing to pioneer this unique, not-for-profit, learning opportunity for undergraduates. Exclusively for educational, humanitarian and career learning purposes. A 10-week (May 26-August 1, 2014), 40 hour/week internship with a $2500 stipend, plus housing and transportation. Contact: Jeff Rohde
Details »

University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
Application Deadline: February 14, 2014
The NSF and 3M Foundation support this REU. Program will run May 27-August 1, 2014. Seeking students who have not previously conducted research, particularly women and underrepresented groups or first-generation college students; sophomore to junior level. $5000 stipend; $1000 toward housing (dorms available); $500 travel; $800 for subsistence.
Details »

University of Missouri - St. Louis, Missouri
Application Deadline: February 15, 2014
A 9-week research opportunity (May 28-July 25) in numerous research areas. $3600 stipend, housing and transportation provided.
Details »

Georgia Tech - Atlanta, Georgia
Application Deadline: February 15, 2014
A 10-week internship (May 19-July 25) sponsored by the NSF and 3M Corporation. Projects include: analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, physical and polymer chemistry. $4500 stipend plus travel and housing allowances.
Details »

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, Illinois
Application Deadline: February 16, 2014
A 10-week internship (May 27-August 1) sponsored by the NSF and 3M Corporation. Seeking students who have not previously conducted research, are members of underrepresneted groups (including women) or first-generation college attendees. No post freshman nor mid-year seniors will be considered. $5000 stipend plus travel, subsistence and housing allowances.
Details »

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Lincoln, Nebraska
Application Deadline: February 17, 2014
Offering both a 8-week and 10-week internship (June 2-July 25 / August 6) sponsored by the NSF and SROP (Summer Research Opportunities Programs). The program offers students an excellent opportunity to hone research skills and to experience life as a graduate student. Students will enhance their academic resume, work closely with faculty and peers, and have fun with social and professional development activities, all while receiving numerous benefits.
Details »

University of Michigan's Life Sciences Institute-
Application Deadline: February 19, 2014
The Perrigo Undergraduate Summer Fellowship is an exceptional learning experience that will challenge and progress each fellow intellectually and academically. The 10-week program (June 16-August 22) provides an opportunity for undergrads to work side-by-side with world class researchers. Includes a $3000 stipend plus housing support.
Details »

University of Southern California - Los Angeles, California
Application Deadline: February 24, 2014
An NSF Research Experience from June 15-August 9, 2014. Spend 8 weeks carrying out research in the Chemistry Department at USC. Work one-on-one in a lab with a faculty advisor and graduate student mentor. Weekly seminars, tours of research facilities and institutions and other social activities. $450 per week stipend, along with housing, health insurance and travel costs all included. Targeting juniors, although sophomores will be considered.
Details »

Amgen Scholars U.S. Program
Various Locations - 10 Host Universities in U.S.
Application Deadline: February, 2014
The Amgen Scholars Porgram provides hundreds of undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on summer research experience at some of the world's leading institutions (ie: Cal-Tech, Columbia, MIT, Stanford and more). Dates, stipends and allowances all vary depending on location.
Details »

Kent State University - Kent, Ohio
Application Deadline: March 1, 2014
NSF program begins June 2 - August 8, 2014. Participants will be given $5000 stipend, plus housing. Funds available to help with travel costs. Research Areas: Optoelectronic/LC Displays, Organic Synthesis, Biological Membranes, Electrochemistry, Bioseparations and Nanomaterials.
Details »

University of North Texas - Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas Application Deadline: March 1, 2014
NSF-REU program will begin June 2, 2014. Participants will be given $5000 stipend, plus housing. Funds available to help with travel costs. Research Areas: Chemistry--Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Computational, Matierals, Ligand Design, Kinetics, Catalysis Syntehtic Organometallic, Non-Electrolytic Solutions, and many more.
Details »

Eastern Michigan University - Ypsilanti, Michigan
Teaching Fellowship Opportunity
Application Deadline: March 14, 2014
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowship is seeking to attract talented, committed individuals with background in the STEM fields--into teaching in high-neeed Michigan secondary schools. A $30,000 stipend.
Details »

Wayne State School of Medicine - Detroit, Michigan
Application Deadline: March 17, 2014
Looking for an interesting summer experience at one of the largest medical centers in the world? Summer fellowship in moolecular biology and biochemistry. Stipend of $3500 for 3 months of work (May-August). Open to undergraduate students majoring in biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics who have completed their sophomore year. Learn modern techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology. Minimum GPA of 3.0 required. Questions?
Details »

ACS-Hach Land Grant Scholarship
Application Deadline: Various
Awarded to undergraduate chemistry majors who express an interest in teaching high school chemistry. $6000 per academic year for up to six years for full-time study. Scholarship can be applied to tuition, books, room and board and other related expenses.
Details »

Nanotechnology Summer Internships - NNIN
Various Locations - 14 Major Universities
Application Deadline: Various

NNIN is in its tenth and final year of operation. Currently a competition for a follow-on program is in process. If NNIN is awarded NG-NNIN, they will continue an REU program in summer 2014. Application information will be provided based on their outcome of this competition. 2013 program provided $4000 stipend plus housing and travel expenses.
Details »

Perrigo Summer Fellowship - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Application Deadline: To Be Announced
A perfect match for students in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, engineering or related fields. Perrigo and the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute (LSI) offer summer fellowships to highly qualified students. A ten-week internship in 2013 offered a $3,000 stipend plus housing support.
Questions? Contact Alicia Levesque
Details »

University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Nebraska
Application Deadline: TBD
Summer of 2013 opportunities offered ten research positions for a 10-week research opportunity. $5,000 stipend plus room and board. Experience included close interactions with faculty and graduate students. Valuable hands-on research; graduate school preparation worshops and visits to industries, professional dervelopment seminars and recreational excursions.
Details »

Service Learning

Minor in Biochemistry

Minor in Chemistry


Time To Apply

Applying for Summer
Off-Campus REU opportunities begins each December when we begin receiving announcements from numerous universities and research institutions about summer research experiences.

Earn Credit

It is possible to earn credit, either elective or toward your B.S. in Chemistry or Biochem requirements during your summer REU. Professor Mark Muyskens, Internship Director will work help you formalize the requirements for earning credit from Calvin once you have been accepted for an REU.

What To Do?

  • Apply to REUs
    as they are announced.
  • Search the web for internships at institutions where you might like to work.
  • Contact people you know that work in research labs or companies.
  • Apply to numerous programs to increase your chances of acceptance.

Questions or Info?

Contact the Chemistry Department Internship Director, Professor Mark Muyskens or Administrative Assistant Judi Jongekrijg.