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Seminar Schedule

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Spring 2012 Seminar Schedule


February 2 Mr. Luke Hanley
University of Illinois-Chicago
Mass Spectrometric Imaging of Antibiotics, Proteins & Metabolites in Bacterial Biofilms & Animal Tissue
February 9 Dr. Doug
Vander Griend
Calvin College
Dr. Nick Jacques
An open consultation concerning three chemical patents from the NavAir corrosion office (NavSolve, NavClean and NavGuard)
February 16 Lauren Manck
Ian Robertson

Calvin College
Senior Research Students
Lauren: A Summer in Spain: Studying the Chemical Defense Mechanism of Marine Diatoms
Ian: Identifying the Role of Aromatic Networks in Amyloid Fibril Formation and Anti-Alzheimer's Therapeutic Action
February 23 Dr. Mary Wirth
Purdue University
Submicrometer silica particles in bioanalytical chemistry
March 1 Dr. George Kenyon
University of Michigan
Creatine Kinase: Structure and Function of an Energetic Enzyme and Chemical Biology Proposals for the National Science Foundation
March 8 Dr. David Leonard
Grand Valley
State University
Class D β-lactamases: A chemical look at the clinical problem
March 15 Dr. Charles Garner
Baylor University
New Nitrogen and Phosphorus Ligands: Pyrazolylpyridines and the First C2-Chiral Phosphinine
March 22 Spring Break
No Seminar
March 29 Dr. Tom Nanninga
Bridge Organics Company
Mechanistic Musings on a March Mid Day
April 5
Percy Julian Video 11:30am - 1:20pm
Pizza Lunch
Percy Julian was one of few African American's with a PhD back in 1950. Learn more about Percy Julian's contributions to science and civil rights.
April 12 Anna Castro
Gillian Morris
Calvin College
Senior Research Students
Anna: Mycobacterium chlorophenolicum: Cloning PCP-monooxygenase
Gillian: Aromatic Interactions Influence Fundamental Chemical Reactions

April 19 Dr. Luis Echegoyen
University of Texas-
El Paseo (UTEP)
Playing with Buckyball Maracas: Interplay Between the Inside and Outside Properties of Endohedral Fullerenes
April 26 Jacob Artz
David Kuipers

Calvin College
Senior Research Students

Jacob:Using Fusion Proteins to Probe the Activation of Glut1
David: Acute Activation of Glut 1 Senior Graduate Celebration and Departmental Awards
May 3 Dr. Brendan Looyenga
Van Andel Research Institute

Dynamic Regulation of Membrane Protein Tethering by Reversible Phosphorylation