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Seminar Schedule

Archive of past chemistry seminar speakers.



Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule


February 3 Mr. Matthew Remy
University of Michigan
"Studies of Palladium and Platinum Methyl Complexes Toward Rational Design of a Catalyst for Liquefaction of Natural Gas."
February 10 Dr. Michael Pikaart
Hope College
"Histone Modifications: The biochemistry of tails and tales of gene regulation."
February 17 Dr. Jim Chambers
University of Massachusetts
"Photochemical Neurobiology: Chemical tricks to perturb and observe memory formation."
February 18 (SPECIAL FRIDAY SEMINAR) Location: North Hall 078 Time: 2:30-3:30pm Dr. Gerald Hazelbauer
University of Missouri- Columbia
SPECIAL FRIDAY SEMINAR! "Bacterial Chemotaxis, a Paradigm for Studying Biological Signaling at the Molecular Level."
February 24 Lisa Brouwer
Calvin College Student
"Broken Bottles"
March 3 Dr. Jeff Johnston
Vanderbilt University
"Organic Chemistry: Case Studies in the Development of New Tools to Study Cell Biology and Address Unmet Medical Needs."
March 10 Mr. Chris Lantinga
Weston Solutions
"Case Studies in the Environmental Field"
March 17 Lauren Manck
Calvin College Senior Research Student
"Nanomolecular Building Projects with Spectrophotometric Characterization"
March 24 Spring Break No Seminar
March 31
Video "Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist"
April 7 Dr. Laura Kaufman
Columbia University
"Collagen Gels: Just Like Any Other Polymer Network?"
April 14 Dr. Eric Xu
VanAndel Research Institute
"Structure Biology and Drug Discovery of Nuclear Hormone Receptors."
April 21 Cheri Ackerman
Calvin College Research Student
"Galectin 3: Sweet and Sour Shuttling"
April 28 Tim Atallah and Alexandra Cox
Calvin College Research Students
Tim: "Enantioselective, Rhodium-Catalyzed, Allylic Substitution Reactions". Alexandra: "The Acute Activation of GluT1via Berberine".
May 5 Prof. Larry Louters
Calvin College

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