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Seminar Schedule

Archive of past chemistry seminar speakers.



Spring 2010 Seminar Schedule


February 4 Dr. Jordan Schmidt
University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Modeling Heterogeneously-Catalyzed Reactions Using Modern Computational Tools"
February 11 Forgotten Genius Documentary on Chemist Percy Julian - Part I
February 18 Forgotten Genius Documentary on Chemist Percy Julian - Part 2 and discussion
February 23 (Tuesday at 7 p.m.) Forgotten Genius (Full Showing)
Presented jointly with the African and African Diaspora Studies Program as part of Black Histroy Month Events (Location: Bytwerk Theater)
February 25 Dr. Marcey Waters
University of North Carolina
"A Molecular View of Biomolecular Recognition"
March 4 Dr. Carlos Crespo
Case Western Reserve University
"Shining Light on the Molecule of Life"
March 11 Dr. Gerald Hammond
University of Louisville
"Peering Through Alice's Looking Glass: Seeking Alternatives to the Conventional Roles of Substrates, Catalysts and Solvents in Organic Chemistry"
March 18 Laura Hunter
Calvin College Student
Chem 395 Research Presentation: "Oxidation and Reduction of L-Dopa in Short-Chain Peptides"
March 25
Spring Break No Seminar
April 1 George Akom
Western Michigan University
"Giving Your Students a Chance to Think and Finding out What They're Thinking"
April 8 Kurt Van Allsburg Christina Plaisier
Calvin College Student
"Molecular Tinker Toys: Synthesis and Equilibrium Characterization of Supramolecular Cubes" (Kurt) "Sugar and Spice: Effects of Cinnamaldehyde on the GLUT1 transport activity in L929 fibroblast cells" (Christina)
April 15 No Seminar
April 16 (Friday at 1:30 p.m.) Dr. Jamie Cate
University of California, Berkeley and Merck, Guest Lecturer
Joint Biology/Chemistry Seminar (Location SB 010) "Structures of the Universal Translator, the Ribosome"
April 22 Greg Snapper
Elizabeth Feenstra
Calvin College Students

"Novel Amino Acids via an O- to N-alkynyl Migration" (Greg) "wnt3a Signals Regulate Lipolysis in Adipocytes" (Elizabeth)
April 29 Stacey DeHaan
Ben Brandsen
Calvin College Students
"Knocking Down Formins in Trypanosoma brucei" (Stacey) "Theoretical Study of Hydrogen Bond Strength in a Pyridone"
May 6 Dr. Larry Louters
Calvin College
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Presentation