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Seminar Schedule

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Fall 2013 Seminar Schedule


September 5 Dr. Jimmy Wu
Dartmouth College
New Annulation and Alkylation Strategies for Indole: Application to Diabetes Therapeutics
September 12 Dr. Gerald Hazelbauer
University of Missouri
The Amazing Central Processing Unit of Bacterial Sensing and Behavior: Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Chemotaxis
September 19 No Seminar Faculty Meeting
September 26 Dr. Carol Fierke
University of Michigan
Enzymology and Function of Post-Translational Lipidation of Proteins
October 3 Dr. Melinda Baur
Illinois Wesleyan University
Detecting Neurotransmitter Release from Mammalian Taste Buds
October 10 Mr. Ben Brandsen
University of Illinois at
DNA as a Catalyst: Towards the Identification of Artificial Proteases
October 17 Dr. Megan Thielges
Indiana University
Site-Specific Characterization of Proteins and Their Motions with Infrared Spectroscopy
October 24 Dr. J.D. Tovar
Johns Hopkins University
Controlling energy migration through "plastic" organic electronic materials
October 31 Dr. George Bodner
Purdue University
I'm Finally Beginning to Understand Why I Didn't Understand
November 7
Dr. Crystal Bruxvoort
Calvin College
Egg Drop Contests, Catapult Challenges and Mouse Trap Cars: Distinguishing Between Scientific and Engineering Practices in the K-12 Science Classroom
November 14 Dr. Jeremy Van Raamsdonk
Van Andel Research Institute
Aging and Neurodegeneration in the Worm C. Elegans
November 21 Mr. Zion Lee
Mr. Drew Roth
Calvin College
Research Students
Zion: Production of Helix Pomatia Agglutinin for Pancreatic Cancer Biomarker Detection
Drew: Exploration and Detection of Crosslinked Protein Cofactors by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
November 28 No Seminar
Thanksgiving Break
December 5 Dr. Anne McNeil
University of Michigan

Synthesizing Conjugated Copolymers with Sequence Control Using Ni Catalysis