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Seminar Schedule

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Fall 2012 Seminar Schedule


September 6 Dr. Carolyn Anderson
Calvin College
Welcome and Introduction to Seminar
September 13 Dr. Amanda Hummon
Univeristy of Notre Dame
Proteomic Profiling of Colorectal Cancer Cells
September 20 Dr. Beth Anderson
Hope College
Nanomaterial Synthesis, Assembly, and Characterization
September 27 Dr. Jeff Hartgerink
Rice University
Design and Self-Assembly of Collagen Triple Helices, Nanofibers and Hydrogels
October 4 Dr. Gellert Mezei
Western Michigan University
Selective Total Encapsulation of Anions by Neutral, Hydrophobic Nano-Jars
October 11 Dr. Michael Barbachyn
Calvin College
TB: Medical Need, Current Therapies, and Studies Leading to a Novel Oxazolidinone Antitubercular Agent, Sutezolid (PNU-100480)
October 18 Nicholas Vryhof
Mitchell Groenenboom
Calvin College Research Students
Nick: Synthesis of N-Alkyl Pyridones Using Gold(I)-Catalysis;
Mitch: Firetrucks, Explosives, and Dolaphenine
October 25 Emily Golz and
Shelby Lofthus

Calvin College Research Students
Emily: Modeling Methylene Blue in Acidic Solution to the Limits of Factor Analysis;
Shelby: Solution Phase Self-Assembly of a Cubic Nanocage
November 1 Dr. Jodi Boer
Michigan State University
Role of UreF in Urease Activation
November 8
Dr. Susanna
Widicus Weaver

Emory University
Prebiotic Astrochemistry in the THz-Gap
November 15 Dr. Ryan Jorn
Argonne National Laboratory
Multi-Scale Modeling of Electrochemical Systems
November 22 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
November 29 Dr. Tiffany Mathews
Wayne State University

Probing the Brain with Electrochemical Methods
December 6 Dr. Rachel Baker
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Monoubiquitination as a New Mechanism for the Regulation of Ras Signaling