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Seminar Schedule

Archive of past chemistry seminar speakers.



Fall 2011 Seminar Schedule


September 8 Dr. Carolyn Anderson and
Dr. Doug Vander Griend

Calvin College Faculty
Introduction to Chem 295 Seminar and
The "Chemistry Problem of the Week" challenge.
September 15 Dr. Simon Blakey
Emory University
"Towards a Total Synthesis of Malagashanine –
A Structurally Unique Strychnos Alkaloid with the Potential to Impact both Malaria and Cancer Chemotherapy."
September 22 Dr. Mark Hannink
University of Missouri
"Maintaining a Balance: Regulation of anti-oxidant gene expression by ubiquitin-dependent degradation of Nrf2"
September 29 Dr. Mark Muyskens
Calvin College Faculty
"Photochemistry, cavity ring-down spectroscopy and anti-stokes fluorescence."
October 6 Dr. Robert Szilagyi
Montana State University
"In vivo, in vitro, and in silico Investigations into Uranium Toxicity"
October 13 Buckyball Video "Race to Catch a Buckyball" The discovery process of a novel carbon architecture.
October 20 Dr. Michael Crowder
Miami of Ohio University
"Probing the Reaction Mechanism of Metallo-β-lactamases in Search of a Universal Inhibitor."
October 27 Dr. Paul Jones
Wake Forest University
"Sometimes a Quinone is just a Quinone - Subtle Substituent Effects in Poly-Alkoxy Anthraquinone Photochemistry."
November 3 Dr. John Wolfe
University of Michigan
"New Tools for Building Molecules."
November 10
Dr. Robert Froese
Dow Chemical Company
"Mechanistic Aspects of Rhodium Catalyzed Hydroformylation."
November 17 Dr. Gavin Reid
Michigan State University
"Mass Spectrometry as an Enabling Tool for Biological Discovery."
November 24 Thanksgiving Break No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday
December 1 Mr. Nate Lapham and Ms. Ashlee Lust and Mr. Ryan VanPutten
Perrigo Company
Chemistry in Industry
December 8 Nate Romero
Calvin College Senior Research Student
"Synthesis of a New Class of Ketone-Containing N-Alkyl Pyridones and Heterocycles via Au(III) Catalysis."