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Seminar Schedule

Archive of past chemistry seminar speakers:



Fall 2009 Seminar Schedule


September 24 Tim Stemmler
Wayne State University
"Understanding Metal Transfer Events that Lead to Mitochondrial Fe-S Cluster Formation"
October 1 Greg Cavey
Van Andel Institute
"Biological Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals and Applications in Biomedical Research"
October 8 Dr. Kumar Sinniah Calvin College "Using Single Molecule Approaches to Characterize Targeted Drug Delivery Systems"
October 15 Dr. Jeff Johnson Hope College "Transition Metal-Catalyzed Activation of Carbon-Carbon Single Bonds: Does that really work?"
October 22 Dr. Susan Rempe Sandia National Laboratory "Ion Discrimination by Nanoscale Design"
October 29 Sarah Tasker
Calvin College Student
"Synthesis of a Novel *N*-Alkenyl Pyridone"
Matt Borr
Calvin College Student
"Illuminating History: The Fluorescence of Narra Wood"
November 5 Chad Neher, Jennifer Roosien, Ashlee Lust,
Perrigo Company
"Perrigo - Science Careers in Industry"
November 12 Dr. Jim McCusker Michigan State University "The Science of Solar Energy Conversion: An Inorganic Photochemist in ExxonMobil's Court"
November 19 Dr. John Montgomery University of Michigan "Discovery and Application of Nickel-Catalyzed Coupling Processes"
December 3 Ben Klepser
Calvin College Student
"The Synthesis of Novel N-Alkyl Pyridones Using Gold Catalysis"