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Faculty: Dr. Herb Fynewever

Recent Publications

Undergraduate student names appear in bold                        

P. Kuiper, R. VanOeffelen, S. Veldkamp, I. Bokma, L. Breems, H. Fynewever, “Formative assessment and the intuitive incorporation of research-based instruction techniquesJournal of Excellence in College Teaching, 26(2), 2015; 125-157.

O. Gulacar, T. L. Overton, C. R. Bowman, H. Fynewever, “A novel code system for revealing sources of students’ difficulties with stoichiometryChemical Education Research and Practice, 14, 2013; 507-515.

H. Petcovic, H. Fynewever, C. Henderson, J. M. Mutambuki, J. A. Barney, “Faculty grading of quantitative problems: a mismatch between values and practiceResearch in Science Education 43, 2013; 437-455.

J. Mutambuki, H. Fynewever, “Comparing chemistry faculty beliefs about grading with grading practicesJournal of Chemical Education 89, 2012; 326-334.

C. Henderson, H. Fynewever, H. Petcovic, A. Bierema, “Identifying the local impacts of national ATE Centers on their host institutions: An exploratory studyCommunity College Review 40, 2012; 3-24.

M. Turner, K. VanderHeide, H. Fynewever, “Motivations for and barriers to the implementation of diagnostic assessment practices – a case studyChemical Education Research and Practice 12, 2011; 142-157.

M. Ludwig, A. Bentz, H. Fynewever, “Your syllabus should set the stage for assessment for learning.” Journal of College Science Teaching 40, 2011; 20-23.

O. Gulacar, H. Fynewever, “A Research Methodology for Studying What Makes Some Problems Difficult to Solve.” International Journal of Science Education 32, 2010; 2143-2166.

S.W. Ziebarth, H. Fynewever, G. Akom, K.E. Cummings, A. Bentz, J.A. Engelman, M. Ludwig, L.A. Noakes, E. Rusiecki, “Current Developments in Assessment for Learning in Universities and High Schools in Michigan: Problems and Perspectives in Mathematics and Science Education.” Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation 6, 2009; 1-22.

H. Fynewever, C. Henderson, S. Barry+, S. Erwin+, S. Hanson+, M. Huber+, M. Z. Lindow+, and K. Mirakovits+ “Honing teachers’ behind the scenes work: Pragmatic ideas from best practices.” Michigan Science Teacher Association Journal 53, 2008; 2-7.

H. Fynewever, “A comparison of the effectiveness of web-based and paper-based homework for General Chemistry.”  The Chemical Educator 13, 2008; 264-269.

P. Meyer, H. H. Hong, H. Fynewever, “Inquiry-based Chemistry Curriculum for Pre-service Education Students: Assessing by Juxtaposition with Direct Instruction.”  The Chemical Educator 13, 2008; 120-124.

A. Widmer-Cooper, P. Harrowell, and H. Fynewever, “How reproducible are dynamic heterogeneities in a supercooled liquid?” Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 2004; 135701.

Y. Chen, C–Y. Shew, and H. Fynewever “Molecular alignment of rigid rods in non-rigid spherical pores.” J. Phys. Chem. 121, 2004; 1578.

F.G. Padilla, P. Harrowell, H. FyneweverElementary excitations and the specific heat peak in a supercooled mixture: simulation studiesJ. Non-Crystalline Solids 2001; 307, 436.

A. Yethiraj, H. Fynewever, and C-Y. Shew, “Density functional theory for pair correlation functions in polymeric liquids,” J. Chem. Phys. 2001; 114, 4323.

H. Fynewever and P. Harrowell, “Stalking the collective process:  establishing a dialogue between simulation and speculation”, J. Phys. Condensed Matter 12, 2000; 6305.

H. Fynewever, D. Perera, and P. Harrowell, “Amorphous groundstates and collective dynamics in a 2D glass-forming mixture”, J. Phys. Condensed Matter 12, 2000; A399.

A. Yethiraj and H. Fynewever, “Isotropic to nematic transition in semiflexible polymer melts”, Molec. Physics 93, 1998; 693.

H. Fynewever and A. Yethiraj, “Phase behavior of semiflexible tangent hard sphere chains”, J. Chem. Phys. 108, 1998; 1636.

+ denotes K-12 teacher



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