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Careers in chemistry and biochemistry

Explore careers in chemistry or biochemistry

Chemists explore and manipulate the chemical elements to uncover the splendor of the created order and to develop uses for this new knowledge. The study of chemistry allows you to view the world in a profound new way and empowers you to significantly change it.

Is a career in chemistry or biochemistry for you?

  • Do you want to understand the material world around you?
  • Are you fascinated by the molecular complexity of living organisms?
  • Can you envision tailoring materials down to the very atoms and molecules?
  • Have you ever tried to make something that has never been made before?
  • Can you inspire a new generation of chemists through teaching?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the fight against disease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a career in chemistry or biochemistry may be the right calling for you.

Careers in chemistry & biochemistry

Countless vocations are open to chemistry and biochemistry majors, both working directly in the field of chemistry and working at the intersections of chemistry with other fields, such as medicine, law, engineering business and education.

The links below provide a detailed look at several career paths that a degree in chemistry and biochemistry opens up for you.

Analytical Chemistry



Chemical Education

Environmental Chemistry

Food Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Calvin's pre-pharmacy advisor, Michael Barbachyn, will assist students in planning their 3-to 4-year curriculum. Most pharmacy schools require the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), which should be taken in the fall semester of the student’s final year at Calvin. More information on the Pre-Pharmacy page. Prospective and current students are encouraged to explore Learn How to Become a Pharmacist on this exciting career choice. »

Physical Chemistry

Science Writing


Minor in Biochemistry

Minor in Chemistry


Alumni Profiles

Discover what some of our chemistry and biochemistry graduates are doing now »

How does graduate school fit into your career plans?

As a graduate student, you can develop expertise in a specific area of chemistry or biochemistry. The critical thinking and analytical skills you develop will prepare you for a wide variety of careers.

In the past five years, all of our majors who applied to graduate school were accepted.

Our recent graduates have gone on to attend Princeton, Yale, John Hopkins, University of Michigan, Northwestern, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of North Carolina.

The first step: Taking the GRE

Looking for more resources - contact the Calvin Career Development Office