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Minor in biochemistry

Minor in chemistry


See a detailed description of each course.

Summer 2014 Registration includes the offering of Organic Chem I and Lab (Chem 261) as well as Organic Chem II (Chem 262) and Lab.

Teaching & Honors

Major in chemistry with a secondary education chemistry major

Minor in chemistry with a secondary education chemistry minor

Major in integrated science studies

Graduate with honors in biochemistry or chemistry

Consider courses needed to qualify for Pharmacy school. Calvin's pre-pharmacy advisor,  Michael Barbachyn, will assist students in planning their 3-to
4-year curriculum. More information on the Pre-Pharmacy page »


Your time at Calvin will provide opportunities to team with our professors on research through
On-Campus Summer Research
where you will work alongside faculty members or through
Off-Campus Summer Research working under the direction of an employer-supervisor in an academic, corporate, non-profit or government agency environment.

These research positions are paid and off-campus research also provides a stipend and often a travel and housing allowance.