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Programs: Media Production

External Resources - Resources for many festivals - Touring Film Festival
     Begin collecting Jan. End June. Online Application. $? - Indie filmmakers
* - Student Submission Site
No contest, $1 per minute to host per year.
* - Resources for students - Indie Film Submission Site
Free? Online Submission Form, no contest.
* - Student Film Festival
$10,000 prize, $25-35 entry fee. Deadline approx, July 1 - International Student Film Festival
$15 Online Application. Deadline July. - Touring International Film Festival
$20-25 Deadline May 31 - Hollywood International Student Film Festival
$35 entry fee When?? - Indie Film Submission Site
Free, no contest. - Resources for animators

Michigan Film - West Michigan Film and Video Alliance - East Lansing Film Festival
Deadline Dec 1. Free? - Ann Arbor Film Festival, Indie and Experimental Film
$30-40 Deadline Dec 1 - Farmington Festival for comedy Films
No Current Info - Saugatuck film festival
Wouldn't load info

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