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Programs: Media Production



A Christian Perspective on Media Production at Calvin College

In an interview in the December 2002 issue of Perspectives, Nicholas Wolterstorff argues that Christian colleges, like many academic institutions in the West, “have given secondary status to any discipline in which you use your hands.” Wolterstorff contends that there is “no Christian justification whatsoever” for this prejudice. A Christian college, Wolterstorff goes on, must be oriented “toward the lives, and not just the heads, of its students.” One function of the Christian college, then, is to “identify the fundamental form-giving sectors of contemporary society—and teach for life in those sectors.” Just as Wolterstorff says that we must equip our students “for the whole practice” of American business, medicine, recreation, etc., so we believe that some Calvin students should be equipped for the practice of film, video, and television production. 

Our media production courses teach content, skills and perspectives that are wholly appropriate for Calvin’s liberal arts focus, while at the same time preparing students for lives of service. The media production courses fit the liberal arts curriculum in that they enable students to use the tools of a powerful and increasingly prevalent medium to express themselves, to communicate clearly, to create compelling works of beauty and interest that serve broad audiences. The goals of these courses are to educate students in a broad sense, to enable them to develop talents and skills that can translate into many areas of their lives and to develop their analytical abilities within a distinctly Reformed context.

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