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Programs: Media Production


Level 1

CAS 145 Introduction to Film
CAS 190 Introduction to Video Production
CAS 249 Media Aesthetics

Level 2

CAS 248 Scriptwriting emphasis

Two Courses:
CAS 250 Multi-Camera Production
CAS 316 Principles of Directing
CAS 290 Single-Camera Production

Three Courses (with at least one from each category):
Media History:
CAS 230 Media and the Public
CAS 255 Documentary Film and Television
CAS 281 American Film
CAS 282 World Cinema

Media Theory:
CAS 254 Media Criticism
CAS 284 Critical Approaches to Film
CAS 305 Persuasion and Propaganda
CAS 383 Film Theory and Aesthetics

Level 3

Two  Courses:
CAS 346 Internship in Communication
CAS 351 Advanced Media Production
CAS 390 Independent Study

Integration Requirement (one):
CAS 352 - Communication Ethics
CAS 399 - Leadership Communication

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