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CAS Alumni Profiles

Recent Profiles

Andy AllenKirsten Kelly ('95)
Most people think of homeless teenagers as either criminals or drug addicts, lying on the sidewalk without any direction in life. However, as Calvin alumna Kirsten Kelly found, this is not the reality for the majority teenagers without a home.
Andy AllenJoe Sonheim ('11)
After graduation, Sonheim experienced a period of trial and error. He began as a waiter. Although he loved the relational aspect of being a waiter, he wanted to do more. This led him to start his own film production business.
Andy AllenHeidi Sundstrom ('11)
Graduating with Communication and German majors and a Spanish minor, Heidi has already been able to put her Calvin degree to work.
Andy AllenJon Tilton ('11)
Jon used the marketing and communication skills he had learned through the CAS department to skip the traditional step of applying for a job by submitting a paper resume.
Andy AllenAbby Zwier ('09)
When it came time to choose her major, Abby ultimately decided that a versatile CAS degree would open doors and lead to countless opportunities. Abby's degree has done just that.
Andy AllenBradley Jansen ('11)
Although employment opportunities for recent graduates can be hard to come by, Calvin grad Brad Jansen ('11) is all smiles. Why? "No matter what, people will always get married."
Andy AllenAndy Allen ('09)
Impressing an audience is what Andy Allen loves to do, and this is exactly the skill he perfected while attending Calvin College.
Amanda ArmourAmanda Armour ('10)
Amanda Armour, a 2011 Interdisciplinary grad from Wisconsin, combined Communication, English, and Religion to create her own major.
Jess GrowJess Grow ('10)
Jess Grow knew she wanted to be an event planner. But just in case she changed her career choice, she wanted a major that would allow her different options.
Rachel KuyvenhovenRachel Kuyvenhoven ('11)
Rachel Kuyvenhoven has been involved with a number of video projects through Calvin, from organizing the college’s popular Lip Dub to assisting Professor Brian Fuller with his latest documentary.
Katie LandanKatie Landan ('09)
Katie Landan, a 2009 Calvin alum, has followed an exciting career path from Chicago and New York all the way to LA.
Lorien ReeseLorien Reese ('06)
"Calvin was the kind of school that allowed me to grow as an individual...I really feel like I came out a more knowledgeable human being, and not just a better actress."

CAS Student Interns

CAS interns are on a mission to figure out what exactly you can do with a CAS major! But this information isn't just for them, they want you to know too. There's five of them Alicia, James, Elyse, Erica, and Ross and they all working towards degrees in Communication. They want to find out how Calvin alumni are using their CAS majors, whether they graduated with a degree in film and media studies, media production, strategic communication, organizational communication, theatre, or speech pathology and audiology. Here are their findings take a look and see what exciting things Calvin alum are up to!