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Join Safe haven ministries, the YWCA, and the CAS Department for a unique event!

A Karaoke Fantasia

A Reading of a new play by Debra L. Freeberg
Wednesday, October 12 at the ladies Literary Club
7:00 p.m. (with a panel discussion following)

Nobody Could Have Invented Our Lives: a karaoke fantasia deals with divorce in the main and spousal abuse in particular. It is unabashedly a woman's experience. Ruth Anderson, forty-two, mother of two, has nearly lost her mind. The play follows her recovery from an abusive marriage and significant post-divorce traumas and tribulations. Ruth and three female friends, who know the territory of divorce, tell their divorce stories through karaoke, fantasy and memory. Structured like a kaleidoscope of experience, the play begins with a series of nightmares as the story of Ruth's abusive marriage slowly unfolds. Though Ruth's story is the main through-line of the piece; the painful journey of life after divorce is also chronicled through the lives of her friends: child rearing, dating, government bureaucracy, finances and survival. Though 'nobody could have invented' the painful and absurd things that happened to these women escaping from bad marriages, the play details how these women cope and ultimately survive. The play is absurd, funny, painful and poignant, and yes, filled with delicious moments of karaoke.

Cast includes Calvin alum: David Ellens, Tracey Kooy, Sandy Navis, Russ Roozeboom, Rick Treur, Dan Voetberg Also featuring: Kimberly Harsch and Andrew Mathews Reserve tickets today Call or email the YWCA 616.459.4681/


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