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CAS department alumni news

Abby Zwier ('09) has successfully defended her master's thesis in the Department of Communication Studies at Colorado State University.
- April 2012

Angelyn Groenboom, (Organizational Communication '14) recently accepted a job from the CRC headquarters in Grand Rapids as the Exhibit Coordinator. She will be coordinating conferences and conventions across the U.S. and Canada. [11/05/2014]

Ross Venhizen (Strategic Communication '14) recently was hired as a Product Marketing Specialist at Motorola Soluions in Schaumburg IL. For more information see Ross' website at: [05/19/2014]

Josh Kappers (Media Production '12) recently was hired at CBS-58 News in Milwaukee. [10/16/2014]

Alex Agard (Theatre '06) presents "Truly Blessed" at the William Speolhof Society Spring Dinner. [05/02/2013]

Josh Boerman (Theatre '12) recently was accepted to the Observership Pool for the 2012-2013 Observership season at Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. [03/02/2012]

Heidi Sundstrom (CAS Rhetoric and German'11) recently was hired at Language Stars in Chicago, which is a foreign language program for kids. She is the Center Manager, marketing the program, doing parent communication, working with the databases, and basically helping oversee the program. [07/06/2011]

Magdalyn Van Huizen (CAS Rhetoric '11) recently began working as a Marketing Specialist at Galapagos, LLC, a small marketing consulting firm in Grand Rapids,. [07/06/2011]

Noah Thomas (Theatre '04) graduated with a masters in theological studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2009. He teaches high school theology and theatre. He also co‑founded the performance venue, the chapel, and works as a sound designer and stage electrician for several professional theatre companies in St. Louis. [12/21/10]

Jessica Wilcoxson (Speech Pathology & Audiology '10) Is in the master's program at Vanderbilt University and was accepted into the competitive 2010 Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP). [11/17/10]

Nick Dekker (English & Theatre '01) Is one of the founders of Wild Goose Creative. [09/07/10]

Matt Miller (English '07) Is directing The Weir at Seanachai Theatre. [09/07/10]

Rachel Kolb (Media Production & Film Studies '09) Recently had an alumni video profile created. Take a look at her website to see what she's up to now. [08/30/10]

Bethany Keeley (Speech/Communications '07) Has a blog about her new book. [08/27/10]

Luke Slendebroek (Film Studies '07) Was recently featured in an MTVu show. [05/19/10]

Lucas Van Engen (Theatre '01) Will be riding a lawnmower from L.A. to New York representing Craftsman lawnmowers for Sears. Lucas will be interviewing people along the way and blogging on a daily basis. [05/11/10]

Jessica Powell (English '72) Was part of the cast in John Patrick Shanley's Pulitzer Prize winning Doubt, A Parable. Check out her alumni profile. [03/02/10]

Abby Zwier (Rhetoric '09) submitted her analytical paper from CAS 327 to the Central States Undergraduate Honors Conference. This has been accepted for a poster presentation in the spring. The paper is a critique of the novel Twilight. [02/16/10]

Karen Abad (Psychology/Film Studies '07) was featured in a USA Today article about Vimeo. [01/26/10]

Marc Pitts (CAS Telecommunication '03) accepted the position as youth director at New England Chapel in 2005. In the fall of 2008, he was ordained as a pastor in the Christian Reformed Church. [01/20/10]

Josh Leo (Mass Media '05) wrote an article on vlogging for First Monday, an internet peer reviewed journal. [01/06/10]

Paul Rose, Jr. (Psychology/Journalism '02) started his own public relations firm, 13/30 Productions a year and a half ago and was recently elected as the President of United Film & Television Artists. [12/21/09]

Kirsten Kelly (Communication A & S '95) created the Chicago Public Schools Program at Chicago Shakespeare. The program was featured on NBC Nightly News. [11/09/09]

Davis Watson ('04) is shooting the documentary film, The Greatest Instrument in the World, in Ireland. [11/09/09]

Chaz Amidon (Mass Media '09) recently began working as the Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations at University of Texas at Dallas. [11/09/09]

Nathan Bierma (Communication A & S Telecommunications '02)published his second book, a collection of his "On Language" columns from the Chicago Tribune, called The Eclectic Encyclopedia of English.[10/20/09]

Kirsten Kelly (Communication A & S '95) recently started a Chicago Public Schools Program at Chicago Shakespeare. An article was published in the Chicago Tribune about one of her former students. [09/30/09]

Jon Speyers (Interdisciplinary Media Studies '08) recently joined the Travelscope team. [09/20/09]

Megan Thomassen (Film Studies '08) recently moved to Des Moines, IA to do a year of Americorp service at the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She was on the crew of the film "Secretary's Day" for the 48 Hour Film project and we won Best of City! [08/14/09]

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