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Faculty and Staff: Samuel Smartt

Samuel Smartt, assistant professor of communication arts and sciences

DeVos Communication Center 270A

Educational background

  • BA in History - Wake Forest University, 2009
  • MFA in Documentary Filmmaking - Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest University, 2013

Research interests

Research Interests: Nonfiction Filmmaking, entrepreneurship in the creative arts, social justice documentary and the Christian worldview, cross-platform visual storytelling techniques, holistic pedagogy in media production .

Selected publications

  • (Co-Director, Co-Producer) "Wagonmasters."

The car that was once the quintessential image of the American Dream is all but dead at least for most people.

Station wagons were Americas "workhorses on wheels." Today, they conjure images of outdated family photos, beehive hairdos and unfashionable wooden siding. As of 2012, Volvo the leading premium wagon least for most people.manufacturer no longer sells a station wagon model in the United States.

There are some, however, who still cling to these vehicles and what they stand for in American culture. Wagonmasters, a 38-minute documentary film, offers glimpses into the lives of such wagon enthusiasts, and tells the story of the station wagon as it represents a changing America over the last one hundred years.

At its heart, Wagonmasters is a film about reconnecting with America's past as one of its most memorable chapters comes to a close.

links: NY Times ArticleCBS This Morning InterviewWagonmasters (trailer) 



Curriculum vitae

Download Samuel Smartt's professional curriculum vitae.