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Seventh Triennial Conference

"East(ern) Germany between Tradition and (Post) Modernity"

Montréal, 12-15 September 2002

Preliminary Program

Thursday, September 12

17:00 Greetings and Reception

Place : Centre canadien d’études allemandes et européennes,

Université de Montréal, 3744 rue Jean-Brillant, suite 525

Friday, September 13

9 :00 Keynote address : Prof. Gerhard Lehmbruch (Universität Konstanz), "Appropriating

Federalism: East German Elites and Institutional Transfer"

9:45 — 12:00 Panels (see below)

12:00-13:00 Lunch (provided)

13:00-17:00 Panels

Place: Room M-415, Pavillon Principal, Université de Montréal

Saturday, September 14

9:00 — 12:00 Panels

13:30 — 17:00 Panels

Place: Centre canadien d’études allemandes et européennes

Sunday, September 15

9 :00-12 :00 Panels (if necessary)

Conference Hotels: A limited number of rooms have been reserved at a special conference rate of $85 CDN at the Hôtel Terrasse Royale for paper presenters. Additional rooms (unfortunately it is still highest season in Montréal) are available at the Hôtel Versailles Park Plaza for $195. For instructions to make reservations, please contact David.Ouellette@Umontreal.Ca as soon as possible.


Panel Themes, Presenters, Paper Titles

(order and timing to be confirmed upon definitive confirmations by participants)

Eastern German Feminism? An alternative modernity?

Jennifer Madarasz (University College London), "An alternative approach to modern emancipation: Women in the GDR during the 1970s and 1980s"

Joel Morton (St. Lawrence University, New York), "Bending Gender Studies to the East: A Post-Socialist Hybrid?"

Elizabeth Mittman (Michigan State University), "From Multivocality to Cultural Hybridity: Evolving Identities in Independent Women’s Press"

Discussant: TBA

Tradition, Modernity, Postmodernity in the GDR

Florian Kreutzer (Rice University, Houston, TX), "´Berufª in a State Socialist Society"

Ellie Kennedy (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont.) "Performative Theory and the Picaresque in Kerstin Hensel’s Tanz am Kanal"

Dieter Segert (Berlin), "Der ‘Spätsozialismus’: ein Geburtsort der postsozialistischen Differenz"

Jonathan Zatlin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), „Appealing to Authority: Citizens’ Petitions in the GDR and the Rhetoric of Decline"

Discussant: Marc Howard (University of Maryland)

The PDS and Postcommunist Party Politics

Jacek Lubecki (Millikin University, Illinois), "Between Legacies of Latifundism and New European Regionalism: PDS Electorate in an East European Historical and Comparative Perspective"

Peter Thompson (University of Sheffield, UK), "The PDS and the Primacy of Politics"

Meredith Heiser (Foothill College, California), "Regional and Leadership Tensions within the PDS"

Jörg Jacobs (Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/O), "Past and Present Sources of Support for Communist Successor Parties: the PDS in Comparative Perspective"

Discussant: Henry Krisch (University of Connecticut)

Minorities in the East: Between Integration and Exclusion

Anna Saunders (University of Bristol, UK), "Eastern Germany: Home to a Xenophobic Tradition?"

Scott Gissendanner (Technische Universität Chemnitz), „Everyday Racism in the City: Are East Germans more Racist than West Germans?"

Christopher Kopper (University of Pittsburgh), "The East German Sorbs and the Challenge of Globalization: The Cultural Survival of an Ethnic Minority"

Discussant: Laurence McFalls (Université de Montréal)

The Generation Gap and Social Change in Eastern Germany

Andreas Hadjar (Technische Universität Chemnitz), "Elbow Mentality among Adolescents in Eastern and Western Germany"

Asta Heller (New York), "Integration of Jewish Immigrants in Eastern Germany: Generational Differences"

Bernd Linder (Haus der Geschichte, Leipzig), "The Unguided Generation: On the Sequence of Generations in the GDR and its Structural Consequences for the Post-revolutionary Era"

Axel Fair-Schulz (State University of New York, Buffalo), "East Germany and its Public Intellectuals: The Case of Jürgen Kuczynski"

Mary Fulbrook (University College London), "From Generation to Generation"

Discussant: Marilyn Rueschemeyer (Rhode Island School of Design)

Shock Therapy Revisited: Catching Up or Caught Out?

Harald Michel (Institute for Applied Demography, Berlin), "The Shock is Followed by the Implosion: East German Population Development Since Unification"

Thomas Steger (Technische Universität Chemnitz), "The Axman’s Anxieties: Layoff Processes in the East German Transformation from the Boss’s Perspective"

Ramona Alt (Technische Universität Chemnitz), "Between Tradition and New Departures: Symbols in the East German Transformation Process"

Vanessa Beck (Westminster Business School, London, UK), "Can Unemployment Result in Social Capital? Indications from East German Women"

Discussant: Jeffrey Kopstein (University of Toronto)

A Different Picture: Eastern German Cinema Then and Now

Janina Falkowska (University of Western Ontario), "Eastern German Cinema in the New Europe"

Roswitha Skare (University of Tromsö, Norway), "Vergangenheitsbearbeitung in Literatur und Film? Zu Thomas Brussigs Helden wie wir und Sonnenallee"

Karen Kramer (Stanford University in Berlin), „DEFA in Denim: Costume Codes in East(ern) German Cinema"

Reinhild Steingröver (University of Rochester), „Last Features: DEFA’s Transitional Films, 1990-92"

Discussant: Philippe Despoix (Freie Universität Berlin)

Eastern German Identities between Fiction and Fragmentation

Paul Cooke (University of Wales Aberystwyth), "Surfing for Eastern Difference: Ostalgie, Identity and Cyberspace"

Karen Leeder (Oxford University), "´Freedom without Loveª: Four Stories of a New German Identity"

John Rodden (University of Texas, Austin), "Education, Youth Policy, and East German Identity: Problems and Prospects"

Wendy Schrank (University of Notre Dame, Indiana), "Constructing National Identity through Sport: East German Swimmers, 1972-89"

Discussant: TBA

Dealing with the Past…Again

Anne Rothe (UCLA), "A Double Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Remembering East Germany’s Collective Memory of the Third Reich"

Astrid Köhler (University of London), "Does it matter who speaks? Questions of Voice in East German Prose Fiction before and after Unification"

Annette Weinke (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), "Helmut Kohl vs. Bundesbeauftragte: the Political and Cultural Implications of the On-Going Debate over the Stasi Files"

Discussant: Dietmar Köveker (Université de Montréal)