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75th Anniversary: Publications

Articles written for the 75th Anniversary

To Play's the Thing
by David van Dyke '84

In June 1784, when he was only in his twenties, Johann Wolfgang Schiller was both a fugitive and a celebrity.

A Tribute to Ervina Boevé
by Tom Bloom '71

It always was about ideas when working with Ervina. It’s no coincidence, then, that the first play she directed at Calvin College was Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People—a play of ideas.

Theatre and Identity: A Ramble
by Jessica Powell '72

I am sitting backstage, in the cramped space that passes for both green room and coed dressing area in a converted storefront in Old Oakland, cramming for my next audition by the dim light of my makeup mirror.

Integrating Production and Curriculum
by Patricia Van Denberg '73

We had problems. The faculty was overworked; the students were restless. More immediately, who was going to supervise the student-directed lab bills?

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The man with the wishbone cheeks
by Dale Andre's '81

Despite studying Engineering, I loved Thespians (’78-’81) and consider it the zenith of my Calvin experience… the friends, productions, cast parties, Thursday 4PM meetings, etc etc.

Quick memory from Ruth
by Ruth Stubbs

I was a Thespian for three of my four years at Calvin, bridging the Batts-Boeve transition.

Jeanne Leep's journey
by Jeanne Leep '91

My time at Calvin came at the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.  I was in the last group to work with Professor Ervina Boeve.  I was in the last show that she directed.

Reflection on Thespians '65-'69
Dr. Jack R. Van Ens '69

My wife Sandy (Broene) and I participated in Thespians during stormy years. The Chimes crowd stirred up a gargantuan protest with its spoof The Bannaner. Some who lived through this era might overlook how Thespians created an even more radical theological revolution in the CRC house.

About Ervina's influence
by John Vreeke

I’m a Calvin Grad…last summer (2007) I was out to visit my friend Bernice Houseward in Grand Rapids, Bernice also a former Thespian, where we were able to visit Edgar and Ervina Boeve…she was in hospice care, but lucid and happy to see me.

Remembering Thespians
Susan Bernbaum Rhea '92

When my mother alerted me to the article in the Spark calling for submissions about Professors Korf and Boevé, my mind was instantly and utterly flooded with memories of my time as a member of Thespians and as a student of theater at Calvin.

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