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75th Anniversary: Alumni Profiles

Jacqui Hoke '05

After graduating in 2005, I married Ryan Hoke and the two of us moved to Vancouver, BC (where I'm originally from) to be the first married couple ever to do side-by-side apprenticeships at Vancouver, BC's much acclaimed Pacific Theatre. After an extraordinary year in Canada's wonderland, we headed back to the mid-west to join Nick and Beth Dekker and Karl and Jessie Boettcher in Columbus, OH where I just started a job as an academic advisor at Franklin University. I work at Franklin by day and serve as co-founder and Gateway for Wild Goose Creative, a non-profit Arts Organization that we founded every other waking moment.

How has theatre influenced your life?

It's still my passion and I hope to continue pursuing it as a vocation, but for now I only get to do it here and there for Wild Goose Creative. Going to see theatre is still one of my favourite pass times; I think it rejuvenates me in a way nothing else does!

How has your faith influenced your life's work?

While it's a more prevalent part of my life through different seasons, it has never stopped influencing my decisions and my daily life.

Advice for theatre students

It can be hard to get into theatre after college. But if you love doing it, try it, pursue it, and do it on whatever terms you want to. You don't have to sell out or put yourself in any situations you don't want to just because you want to work in theatre. Also, if you're looking to work with some awesome alumni in the arts, talk to us about Wild Goose Creative (


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Jacqui Hoke

Graduation year


Favorite roles/crews while at Calvin
Jane in Jane Eyre, Costume crew for As It Is In Heaven, Assitant
Director, Editor and Sound Design for Richard III, and Hannah Reinach is Edith Stein.

One quirky thing
I can touch my tongue to my nose.