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75th Anniversary: Alumni Profiles

Cristin Boersma Lenters '94

Cristin Boersma Lenters graduated in '94 with a degree in Social Work. She had several opportunities until 1999, when she got her MSW, with a school concentration. She worked at Holland Christian Schools from 99-02. She was a social worker, guidance counselor and co-directed three middle school plays, including, Fiddler Jr. She then married and moved to south suburban Chicago. She has worked at Chicago Christian High since 2002, where she is a counselor and has taught beginning and advanced drama classes, directed or co-directed eight plays and musicals. Her solo directing debut was The Crucible, which was inspired from her days in CTC.

She says: theater has been a strong pull for me as long as I can remember. I realized in college that rejection was too difficult for me to make a living as an actor. But I struggled so much my senior year thinking my theater days are over. How wrong I was! Living in Chicago, I am blessed to have so many world-class viewing opportunities in my life. But the blessing of being a teacher and director is so huge. I love having a creative outlet and passing my own passions on to the next generation. Only God knew how an MSW could use those counseling skills in a job that partners so well with my artistic passions. I trust in His plans, which are so much bigger than my own.

My favorite moment on stage at Calvin was Abby's trial scene in The Crucible. I felt so transported in that moment. But my wonderful friends, and Tuesday dinners were the best gifts of CTC. My favorite show was Joan of Lorraine. With a small part, I was just able to enjoy the team so much. I use so many of Freebergs team builders with my casts. I still remember so many of our tongue twisters. "Freeberg's Father's Thick Swedish Skull Saved his Skin"


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Cristin Boersma

Graduation year

Calvin major
social work

Further education
Masters of social work

Favorite Roles/Crews
Abigail Williams in The Crucible, Props Running for

Quirky fact about you
I still have the Blue Dot on the end of my nose!