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75th Anniversary: Alumni Profiles

Brian Farish

After graduating I headed immediately to Chicago and acted and worked there for about a year. I then attended grad school in Cambridge, MA and Moscow, Russia at the ART/MXAT Institute at Harvard University. Grad school was at once excruciating and glorious.Brian Farish Performing in The Onion

With my Acting MFA, I moved to NYC immediately after, working Off-Broadway some, but mostly with an incredible group of artists, Bone Orchard Theatre Company, as Movement Director and Performer. Our aesthetic as a company is similar to SITI, Pig Iron, and Compliticite. For me it is a personally necessary thing to have a home as an artist, among people whose work excites me.

I will say this of my faith: it puts all things, all behavior in relation to God. Living as an entire ritual.

Some of my favorite moments at Calvin were raging out and opening David Ellens' throat with a dagger in Tiger at the Gates, getting some eye-opening advice from playwright Arthur Giron, and of course the edifying bacchanalia of the As It Is in Heaven drag smorg.

My advice to Calvin theatre students:

  • There is nothing particularly noble about being an actor, but if you want to make money ONLY as an actor, go to L.A.. The truth is that no one in New York is making a living wage solely in the ancient art of live performance. Even big-time, *huge, *Broadway actors teach, coach, and get day jobs to make ends meet.
  • There is a living to be made in theatre design, dramaturgy, and specialized coaching. I am also a voice coach and personal trainer privately and I find this work very satisfying.
  • If you enjoy any branch of theatre design and you are good, you will quickly go far. This is a fairly straightforward area of theatre work, not overcrowded like acting and directing.


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Alex Agard '06

Calvin Major

Further Education
MFA in Acting from Cambridge. Further studies with ART/MXAT at Harvard University