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Productions in the 1980s

For more information about each show, follow the link on each production title.

Title Author Director Season Year
Alumni Players: Princess Ida Gilbert and Sullivan Huls and Scripps Winter 1980
Skin of Our Teeth Wilder H. Sterks-Van Halsema Spring 1980
The Land of the Dragon Miller Talen Spring 1980
Purpaleanie Wiersma     1980
The Guardsman Molnar Jim Korf Fall 1980
Lab Bills: Aria da Capo and Class of Eighty Minus One Millay, Oord Burgers, Oord Winter 1980
Lab Bills: Something Unspoken, Riders to the Sea, Albert's Bridge Williams, Synge, Stoppard VanZanel, Ellens, Klein Winter 1981
Alumni Players: Ruddigore Gilbert and Sullivan Huls and Scripps Winter 1981
Oedipus the King Sophocles Jim Korf Spring 1981
Androcles and the Lion Shaw Ellens Spring 1981
All My Sons Miller Jim Korf Fall 1981
The Glass Menagerie T. Williams Westmaas Fall 1981
Lab Bills I: Death; The Lovely Shall be Choosers; A Memory of Two Mondays Ellen, Frost Van Zalen, Westmaas, Bolton Winter 1981
Lab Bills II: Visitor from Forest Hills; The Exception and the Rule; Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed Simon, Brecht, Molière Paxton, Harger, Leugs Winter 1982
Alumni Players: H.M.S. Pinafore Gilbert and Sullivan Huls and Worst Winter 1982
Godspell Schwartz Jim Korf/J. Worst Spring 1982
Rip Van Winkle Irving/Dezseran Talen Spring 1982
Enter a Free Man T. Stoppard Klein Fall 1982
A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare Jim Korf Fall 1982
Lab Bills: The Constituent; Winners; The American Dream Thompson, Friel, Albee Nyhoff, Bakker, Van Dyke Winter 1982
Alumni Players: Yeoman of the Guard Gilbert and Sullivan Huls and Worst Winter 1983
The Children's Hour Hellman Jim Korf Spring 1983
The Emporer's New Clothes Chorpenning Gunnink Spring 1983
Christian High One-Act Play Festival     Spring 1983
The Mousetrap Christie Schuringa Fall 1983
Arms and the Man Shaw Jim Korf Fall 1983
Heidi     Winter 1983
Alumni Players: Mikado Gilbert and Sullivan Huls and Worst Winter 1984
The Imaginary Invalid Molière Jim Korf Spring 1984
Lab Bills: Visitor from Mamaroneck     Spring 1984
The Runner Stumbles Stitt Vreeke Fall 1984
The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare Jim Korf Fall 1984
Music Man Willson Huls and Worst Winter 1985
Enrico IV Pirandello M. Klein Spring 1985
Lab Bills: Hangs Over Thy Head; The Public Eye; Suppressed Desires     Fall 1985
The Beams are Cracking   Jim Korf Fall 1985
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead T. Stoppard

M. Klein

Fall 1985
Hello Dolly Stewart and Herman Nyhoff and Worst Winter 1986
The Hobbit     Winter 1986
A Doll's House Ibsen Jim Korf Spring 1986
Lab Bills     Spring 1986
The Firebug Frisch Klein Fall 1986
Alumni Players: Pirates of Penzance Gilbert and Sullivan Huls and Worst Winter 1987
The Phantom Lady Calderon J. Nyhoff Spring 1987
Two Good Women are Hard to Find Dickenson and O'Conner Noteboom Spring 1987
The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare P. Blom Fall 1987
Christmas Carol Dickens/Way Buursma Winter 1987
Carousel Rodgers and Hammerstein Czuchna and Bokhout Winter 1988
Lab Bills: Four by Tenn T. Williams   Spring 1988
The Caucasian Chalk Circle Brecht L. Basney Fall 1988
Alumni Players: Iolanthe Gilbert and Sullivan Huls and Bokhout Winter 1989
Wild Oats J. O'Keffe E. Kruis Spring 1989
Lab Bills: Comedy Showcase     Spring 1989
Murder in the Cathedral Eliot E. Boevé Fall 1989



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