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Productions in the 1960s

For more information about each show, follow the link on each production title.

Title Author Director Season Year
Trial by Jury Gilbert & Sullivan Wisse Winter 1960
Tartuffe Moliere E. Boevé Spring 1960
Kind Lady Chodorov E. Boevé Fall 1960
Alumni Players: Pirates of Penzance Gilbert & Sullivan Wisse Winter 1961
Hamlet Shakespeare E. Boevé Spring 1961
J.B. Shakespeare E. Boevé Spring 1961
Electra Sophocles E. Boevé Fall 1961
The Cherry Orchard Checkhov E. Boevé Spring 1962
Alumni Players: The Mikado Gilbert & Sullivan Dunscombe Spring 1962
Mary Stuart Schiller E. Boevé Fall 1962
Inspector General Gogol E. Boevé Spring 1963
The Romance of the Willow Pattern     Fall 1963
The Merry Wives of Winsor Shakespeare     1963
Pygmalion Shaw E. Boevé Fall 1963
Alumni Players: Rudigore Gilbert & Sullivan   Winter 1964
Lost in the Stars Anderson, Weil E. Boevé, J. DeJonge Spring 1964
The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare E. Boevé Fall 1964
Dark Lady of the Sonnets Shaw   Fall 1964
Alumni Players: Yeoman of the Guard Gilbert & Sullivan E. Boevé Winter 1964
The Potting Shed Greene E. Boevé Spring 1965
The Man who Married a Dumb Wife     Fall 1965
Cyrano de Bergerac Rostand E. Boevé Fall 1965
House by the Stable; Grab and Grace Morality plays, & Charles Williams Bratt Winter 1965
Alumni Players: Patience Gilbert & Sullivan   Winter 1966
All My Sons Miller E. Boevé Spring 1966
Riders to the Sea     Spring 1966
The Lark Anouilh E. Boevé Fall 1966
The Boy with a Cart Fry E. Boevé Winter 1966
Alumni Players: The Gondoliers Gilbert & Sullivan Smith Winter 1967
A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare E. Boevé Spring 1967
Hedda Gabler Ibsen E. Boevé Fall 1967
J.B. MacLeish     1967-68
Alumni Players: The Mikado Gilbert & Sullivan E. Boevé Winter 1968
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Speech Department Holquist Winter 1968
The Miser Moliere E. Boevé Spring 1968
The Glass Menagerie Williams J. Korf Fall 1968
The Morality Plays  


Alice in Wonderland     Interim 1969
Alumni Players: The Pirates of Penzance Gilbert & Sullivan E. Boevé Winter 1969
The Visit Duerenmatt E. Boevé Spring 1969
Lab Bills     Spring 1969
One Acts: Effigy; Attempt Rooy, Bloom   Fall 1969
The Crucible Miller E. Boevé Fall 1969
Huckleberry Finn Whiting Holquist Winter 1969




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