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Productions in the 1950s

For more information about each show, follow the link on each production title.

Title Author Director Season Year
The Barretts of Wimpole Street John Patrick Batts Spring 1950
Icebound Davis Batts Winter 1950
The Tree of Life   Batts Spring 1951
Melody Prell Batts Winter 1951
Clarence Tarkington Batts Spring 1952
Victoria Regina Housman Batts Winter 1952
The Admirable Chrichton Barry Batts Spring 1953
Abe Lincoln in Illinois Sherwood Batts Fall 1952
The Heiress Goetz Batts Spring 1954
Elizabeth the Queen Anderson Batts Fall 1954
The Late Christopher Bean Howard Batts Spring 1955
Life with Mother Day Batts Fall 1955
The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare Batts Spring 1956
An Enemy of the People Ibsen E. Boevé Winter 1956
Upon this Rock     Winter 1957
As You Like It Shakespeare E. Boevé Spring 1957
Recital     Spring 1957
Arms and the Man Shaw E. Boevé Fall 1957
Outdoor Yule Show   E. Boevé Winter 1957
The Little Foxes Hellman E. Boevé Spring 1958
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare E. Boevé Winter 1958
The Open Prison W. Kort E. Boevé Spring 1959
Antigone Anouilh E. Boevé Fall 1959




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