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About Us

Telling stories to understand the stranger, ourselves

Women of LockerbieIn the theatre, artist and audience join together to encounter the heights and depths of human experience and emotion.  At Calvin, our task is to tell these very human stories with honesty, humility and compassion.  By articulating dramatic narratives through the lens of our reformed Christian faith, we seek to aid our audience in developing insight into and empathy for individuals and cultures different from our own. The theatre provides us space and time to welcome the stranger into our midst and to recognize ourselves in their stories. For when we tell stories about ourselves, we confess our frailties and shortcomings, we reveal what matters to us and what we long for ultimately.

We consider it a great privilege—one to which we dedicate ourselves with the highest standards of professional practice—to use the gifts God gives to delight the eye, engage the mind and encourage the heart.

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