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Onstage: 2008-09

The Government Inspector

From the play by Nikolai Gogol

Directed by alumna Kirsten Kelly '95

In the Gezon Auditorium

Feb. 12, 13, 14 & 18, 19, 21, with a special Homecoming performance scheduled for February 20 at 6:00 p.m.

At 8:00 p.m.


When the local officials of a small Russian town learn that an undercover government inspector is planning a surprise visit, a case of mistaken identity sends the village spiraling into a ridiculous world of panic and greed. The officials mistake a penniless clerk for  the government inspector and embark on an absurd mission to woo, outdo and bribe the unsuspecting visitor. Flattered by the attention, the clerk makes unbelievable claims and demands, sending the town into a frenzy.

The Government Inspector, by Nikolai Gogol, is a witty, imaginative and wildly satirical play which exposes societal corruption with biting hilarity. Gogol's masterpiece created such a  furor when it was first performed in 1836 that the playwright was driven into exile. Gogol's comic fantasy is a celebration of the grotesque and absurd elements in human nature and remains one of the great comedies of all time.

The Cast

Brian Farish (Alumni)
The Mayor
Kelly Zwiep
The Judge
Russ Roozeboom (Alumni)
Charity Commissioner
Zachary Fisk
School Superintendent
Nicole Lenko
Dave Ellens (Alumni)
District Physician
Brad Irish
Police Inspector/Driver
Kate Boomsma
Dr. Debra Freeberg (Professor)
Michele Dykstra (Alumni)
Mary Jane Pories (Alumni)
Moriah Ophardt
Sarah DeRidder
Locksmith's Wife
Emily Diener
Sergeant's Widow
Christina Binder
Dan Christmann
Buck Weglarz
Dave Lyzenga (Alumni)
Hannah Chee
Andrew Szobody
Constable/Shopkeeper/School Super's Wife
Caitlin Prins
Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence



Production Personnel

Director of Theatre
David J. Leugs
Stage Manager
Jessie Leugs
Assistant Stage Manager
Lauren Cook
Technical Director
Christian Poquette
Head Electrician/Props Master
Charles Powell
Scenic Design
David J. Leugs
Lighting Design
Phillip Klapwyk '89
Costume Design
Heather Leigh Brown
Sound Design
David Schripsema
Costume Shop Manager
Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence
Jan Hennink
Wig Master/Hairdresser
Lauren Reynolds (Alumni)