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Productions: 2004-05

Richard III

Written by William Shakespeare

Adapted by: Stephanie Sandberg & Jacqueline Renée Deboer

Directed by Stephanie Sandberg

In the Lab Theater

On Feb 3-5, 10-12


The year is 2000. The York family has, after a long and brutal civil war defeated the rival Lancaster family for control of England. Richard, the youngest York brother, physically disabled since birth, finds himself better suited for war than peace. The throne is too great a prize for him to ignore – more important to him than friendship, money, or love. The war is not over for him and he will watch his England bleed.

The Cast

Richard III
Michael James Brooks
King Edward IV, Clarence, Buckingham, Queen Margaret, Messenger
Michael Page
Brackenbury, Ratcliffe (Mayor), Hatings, Duchess of York, Prince of Wales
Emily Hanna
Lady Anne, Executioner, Lord Stanley, Young Duke of York
Rebecca George
Queen Elizabeth, Richmond, Archbishop
Philip Marinus Koole
Rivers, Tyrell, Catesby, Princess Elizabeth
Tabitha Folkerts

Prodution Personnel

Director of Theatre
Michael Page
Assistant Director
Jacqueline Renée Deboer
Scenic Design
Nathan Blom
Technical Director
Nathan Blom
Lighting Design
Mikael Jackson
Costume Design
Heather Leigh Brown
Costume Shop Manager
Andrea Uitvlugt
Stage Manager
Evangeline Rose Whitlock
Assistant Stage Manager
Kaje Nelson
Assistant Stage Manager
Jessica Bauckham
Sound Design
Tim Schmidt
Fight Director
Kateri Kline-Johnson
Fight Captain
Bradley Peterson
Daniel Garcia, Abby Leja
Properties Manager
Valerie Clinch
Abby Leja
Rebecca Kallemeyn
Jan Hennink
Publicity Assistant
Rebecca Kallemeyn

Technical Staff

Master Electrician
Valerie Clinch
Joanna Seel
Costume Stichers
Briley Lambert, Emilee Pearce, Elizabeth VanderMeer
Head Carpenter
Mark Gaiser
Scenic Carpenters
Brianna Bultema, Ben Graves, Darrin Matter