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Productions: 2003-04

Edith Stein

Written by Arthur Giron

Directed by Stephanie Sandberg

Assistant Director: Nathan Fluit

In the Lab Theater

On April 15-17, 22-24


Edith Stein is a bold and theatrical look at one of the most complex and controversial figures of the 20th century. Born an Orthodox Jew in 1891, Edith was already a noted philosopher and feminist before she suddenly converted to Catholicism and became a Carmelite nun in 1933. From her convent she waged a nine year war of prayer and meditation against the Nazis befre she was rooted out in 1942 and sent to meet her fate in an Auschwitz gas chamber. 

The Cast

Lorien Reese
Frau Stein/Prioress
Aileen May
Jacqueline Renée Deboer
Katie Boelema
Sister Ruth
Evangeline Whitlock
Sister Prudence
Rebecca Rose Carpenter
Brian Farish
Peter Westerhuis
Dr. Weismann
Nathan Fluit
Michael Brooks
Andrew Bolles, Sarah DeVries, Sarah Mange, Chris Michaels, Jenny Moos, Nathan Stehouwer, Candice Surjana
Prologue Singer
Nancy Van Baak

Production Personnel

Director of Theatre
Michael Page
Scenic/Lighting/Sound Design
David J. Leugs
Costume Design
Heather Leigh Brown
Graphic Design
James D. Korf
Technical Director
David J. Leugs
Assistant Technical Director
Nathan Blom
Movement Director
Evangeline Rose Whitlock
Jed Koops
Dialect Coach
Stephanie L. Sandberg
Jan Hennink
Costume Shop Manager
Andrea Uitvlugt
Stage Manager
Ruth Krygsheld
Assistant Stage Managers
M.J. Romanowski, Kathleen Schmidt
Dramaturgy/Lobby Display
Rebecca Carpenter, Rebecca Kallemeyn
House Manager
Kevin Chevalia

Technical Staff

Head Carpenter
Nathan Fluit
Scenic Carpenters
Rebecca Rose Carpenter, Mark Gaiser
Meredith Bytwork, Zachary Vicha
Head Electrician
Jeremy Den Ouden
Stage Electricians
Valerie Clinch, Steve Williams
Costume Stitchers
Alyce Graham, Briley lambert, Angela Nydam, Beth Vander Meer
Daniel Garcia, Bradley Nyam


Scenery Construction
Jermey Gajadhar, Greg Grutman, Knoa Knapper
Paint Crew
Katie Sall, Katherine Wroughton
Props Prep
Tina Jackson
Costume Construction
Sarah Dingman, Tricia Huizenga, Kaje Nelsen, Tonya Ross, Rei Rowe
Costume Crew Coordinator
Jennifer DenOuden
Costume Running
Tabitha Folkerts, Christine Gifford
Stage Running
Ryan Poling, Zachary Vicha
Props Running
Rachel Korf
Dianna Clinch, Becca Lukens, Courtney Medema
Electrics Load-In
Ashley Adams, Amanda Newenhuyse
Lightboard Operator
Dianna Clinch
Soundboard Operator
Laura Hoksbergen
Rebecca Kallemeyn, Rebecca Carpenter
Meredith Bytwork, Lauren Urbanek
Alex Agard, Adam Forrest, Brandon Langeland, Emilee Pearce, Angie Stacer, Noah  Thomas
Valerie Clinch, Tyler Tufte, Steve Williams
Wandering Thespians
Derek Aupperlee, Cheryl Brown, Nathan Edwards, Briley Lambert, Nancee Moes, Remy Steed