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Productions: 2002-03


Written by Jane Austen

Adapted by Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy

Directed by Stephanie L. Sandberg

In the Gezon Auditorium

On April 3-5, 10-12


Emma is Jane Austen’s masterpiece of romance and self-delusion. It has been described as a mystery without a “murder” and “a truly romantic comedy.” The eponymous heroine is charming as can be, but always too clever for her own good. In this beautifully crafted adaptation of the novel, we see into Emma’s motivations and the troubled mind of a woman who is truly in love, but doesn’t know it yet.

The Cast

Tamara Goodrich
Mr. Knightley:
Brian Farish
Mr. Woodhouse:
Michael Hutchins
Liz Waid
Mrs. Weston/Mrs. Elton:
Beth Gunnink
Mr. Elton:
David Ellens
Mr. Weston/Frank Churchill:
Neal DeRoo
Jane Fairfax:
Meredith Bytwork
Becky Carpenter
Miss Bates/Chorus:
The Cast

Production Personnel:

Director of Theatre:
Michael Page
Scenic/Lighting Design/Technical Director:
David J. Leugs
Costume Design:
Heather Leigh Brown
Ellen Van’t Hof
Vocal Coach:
Stephanie L. Sandberg
Graphic Design:
James D. Korf
Jan Hennink
Assistant Director/Assistant Choreographer:
Evangeline Rose Whitlock
Assistant Technical Director/Property Master:
Nathan Blom
Stage Manager:
Zachary M. Vicha
Assistant Stage Managers:
D. Alex Agard, Kimberly Dawn Webster
Musical Consultant:
Brooks Kuykendall
House Manager:
Heather Hohler

Technical Staff:

Head Scenic Carpenter:
Nathan Fluit
Scenic Carpenters:
Marissa Bierens, Mark Gaiser, Andrew Sampers, Zachary Vicha
Head Stage Electrician:
Noah Thomas
Stage Electrician:
Jeremy DenOUden
Property Master:
Nathan Blom
Costume Stitchers:
Teresa Pomykala, Alyce Graham, Angela Nydam, Beth Vander Meer
Sarah Lowrey


Scenery Construction:
Jeremy DenOuden, Janna Hoke, Laura Peterson
Paint Crew:
Lauren Dillon, Jessica Petz, Katherine Sall
Props Prep:
Kathryn Menges, Elisa Verde
Costume Construction:
Tricia Huizenga, Briley Lambert, Rebecca Kallemeyn
Costume Running:
Stephanie Berens VerMerris, Kimm Scott, Adam Wall
Stage Running:
Marissa Bierens, Ashley Stam
Props Running:
Ashley Adams, Nathan Edwards
Angenette Stacer, Lauren Urbanek
Electrics Load-in:
Kevin Anderson, Laura Hoksbergen, Melinda Steenbergen, Steve Williams
Lightboard Operator:
Brian Risselada
Sounboard Operator:
Benjamin Krygsheld
Rebecca Lukens
Valerie Clinch, Mark Gaiser, M.J. Romanowski
Michael Brooks, Jacqueline Deboer, Brandon Langeland, Sarah Lowrey, Becky Stein, Jesse Test, Ann Wisotzke
Amy Albas, Adam Forrest, Jaclyn Huizenga, Noah Thomas