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Productions: 2001-02

The Piano Lesson

Written by August Wilson

Directed by Debra Freeburg

Assistant Director: Ryan Hoke

In the Gezon Auditorium

On Jan. 31st, Feb 1,2, 7-9


In his second Pulitzer Prize winning play, August Wilson poignantly and powerfully illustrates the onflict between a brother and sister who fight over a symbol of their family’s past. Do they sell an ornately carved upright piano, engraved with the story of their family from slavery to freedom? Will they sell their past for Sutter’s land and hope of prosperity in the future?

The Cast

Boy Willie
Damon Shearer
Steve Williams
Harvey Johnson
Jena Cooksey
Anissa Adkins
Alex Agard
Wining Boy
Michael Travis
Gihane Jeremie

Production Personnel

Director of Theatre
Robert J. Hubbard
Scenic/Technical Director
David J. Leugs
Assistant Technical Director
Justin Horne
Lighting Design
Catherine Dreher
Costume Design
Heather L. Brown
Graphic Design
James D. Korf
Sound Design
Karl A. Boettcher
Dialect Coach
Harvey Johnson
Stage Manager
Rachel McNamara
Assistant Stage Manager
Morgan Foster, Natalie Tillman
Jessie Glover

Technical Staff

Properties Head
Brad Nydam
Head Scenic Painter
David Leugs, Heather Lamson
Head Scenic Carpenter
Nathan Fluit
Scenic Carpenter
Brent Spriensma, Reuben Grin
Head Stage Electrician
Noah Thomas
Costume Stitchers
Heather L. Brown, Rae Meuzelar
John Corriveau
Interim Class Crew
Ireti Alabi, Tanganyika Barnes, Dan Breuker, Ben Brower, Dean Kladder, Kyle Israels, Rae Meuzelar, Saraiah Powell