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Productions: 2001-02

As it is in Heaven

Written by Arlene Hutton

Directed by Stephanie Sandberg

Assistant Director: Zachary Vicha

In the Gezon Auditorium

On April 11-13, 17-20


The women in a religious community must reexamine their own faith and daily life when an outsider begins to see visions. Set in a Shaker village in the 1930’s, this new work is a joyful explosion of Shaker music and dance, coming to Calvin straight from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Off-Broadway. A moving drama about the struggle to find true faith, Arlene Hutton’s play bursts with powerful characters and a story to challenge us all.


The Cast

Becky Carpenter
Amanda Hutchins
Jessie Glover
Sarah De Vries
Dianna Clinch
Emilee Pearce
Larissa Theule
Kristi Johnson
Beth Gunnink
Megan Kok
Katie Boelema

Production Personnel

Director of Theatre
Robert J. Hubbard
Scenic/Lighting Design/Technical Director
David J. Leugs
Assistant Technical Director
Justin Horne
Costume Design
Heather Leigh Brown
Ellen Van’t Hof
Assistant Choreographer
Evangeline Whitlock
Music Director
Charsie Randolph Sawyer
Vocal Coach
Stephanie L. Sandberg
Graphic Design
James D. Korf
Jan Hennink
Stage Manager
Morgan Foster
Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Hoksbergen, Natalie Tillman
House Manager
Damon Shearer
Technical Staff
Head Scenic Carpenter
Nathan Fluit
Scenic Carpenter
Reuben Grin, Brent Spriensma, Zachary Vicha
Head Stage Electrician
James Gilmore
Stage Electrician
Noah Thomas
Head Painter
Heather lamson
Property Master
Bradley Nydam
Costume Stitchers
Teresa Pomykala, Alyce Graham, Angela Nydam, Christen Richards, Beth Vander Meer
Ryan Reed, Matthew Stackowicz
Assistant Photographer
Jesse Geston
Scenery Construction
Nate Carpenter, Julie Eschelman, Brandon Langeland, Angela Nydam, Beth Vander Meer
Paint Crew
Justin Bratt, Laurel Cutcher, Heather Hohler, Ryan Hoke, Peter Westerhuis
Props Prep
Alex Agard, Becky Bateson, Rebecca Lukens, Lindsay Manis
Costume Construction
Jacqui DeBoer, Jessica Hicks, Evangeline Whitlock
Costume Running
Meredith Bytwork, Briley Lambert, Mandy Suhr
Stage Running
Josh Leo, Steven Williams
Props Running
Mike Ryskamp, Sarah Swanger
Costume Crew Coordinator
Cecily Squier
Amy Holwerda, Becca Morrison
Electrics Load-in
Nate Cook, Jeremy Den Ouden, Kimberly Lamborn, Sarah Lowrey
Lightboard Operator
Abby Smith
Soundboard Operator
Morgan Foster
Buffy Elms, Beth Heinen, Ruth Krygsheld, Katie Schildhouse
Digital Archivist
Bradley Nydam
Senior Video Producer
Nick Zondervan
Brochure Designer
Becky Stein
Lobby Display Designer
Emily Vitton
Brian Farish, Jim Gilmore, Rae Meuzelaar, Brian Risselada, Corrine Tepielow, Noah Thomas, Josh Wall
Llian Breen, Mike Brooks, Heather Lamson, Brendan Schoone-Jongen, Dan Swierenga