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Productions: 1957-58

Arms and the Man

Written by George Bernard Shaw

Directed by E. Boevé

Assisted by Jean De Young

In the St. Cecilia Auditorium

On Nov. 6,7, and 8

The Cast

Mrs. Catherine Petkoff
Mary Westra
Raina Petkoff
Phyllis Hoekstra
Lois Holkeboer
Captain Bluntschli
Roger Heerspink
Russian Officer
Warren Wetenburg
Roger Steenland
Major Petkoff
Tom Ozinga
Major Sergius Saranoof
Larry Dykstra

Production Personnel

Production Manager
Bill Haeck
Norm Meyer
Vice President
Harlan Boerigter
Shirley Burgress
Business Manager
Jack Van Der Slik
Production Manager
Bill Haeck
Assistant Director
Jean De Young