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(Arbeitsgemeinschaft kirchlicher Zeitgeschichtler)

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University of British Columbia

This is the archive of Professor John Conway's monthly electronic newsletter, which covers all aspects of twentieth century church history, but has a special emphasis on German church history.

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December 2000 - Volume VI, no. 12

1) The Pius XII Controversy continued

2) Book reviews:

a) Michael Phayer, The Catholic Church and the Holocaust 1930-1965
b) Kloczowski, History of Polish Christianity

3) Book notes: Nordblum, Fur Glaube und Volkstum

4) Journal articles: Kirby, Temple, Pius XII, natural law and the post-war
peace, Kirby, Anglo-American Cold War alliance and defence of Christianity

November 2000 - Volume VI, no. 11 

1) Enquiry

2) Report on Conferences:

a) Notre Dame, Indiana,
b) GSA, Houston, Texas
c) International Bonhoeffer Congress, Berlin

3)Book reviews:

a) Rychlak, Hitler, the War and the Pope
b) ed. Hastings, World History of Christianity

4) Journal articles: O.Heilbronner, German Catholic Ghettos
Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht, March 2000

5) Titanically . . .

October 2000 - Volume VI, no. 10

1 ) Book reviews:

a) Shapiro, Oberammergau
b) Hoover, God, Britain and Hitler in World War II
c) Kääriäinen, Religion in Russia
d) ed T.Devine, Scotland's Shame?

2) Book Notes:

a) ed. Hutchinson/Kalu, A Global Faith
b) ed K.Koschorke, Christen und Gewürze
c) ed E.Gatz, Kirche und Katholizismus

September 2000 - Volume VI, no. 9


1) The Pius XII Controversy continued
2)Book reviews:

a) Michael Phayer, The Catholic Church and the Holocaust 1930-1965
b) Kloczowski, History of Polish Christianity

3) Book notes: Nordblum, Fur Glaube und Volkstum
4) Journal articles: Kirby, Temple, Pius XII, natural law and the post-war
peace Kirby, Anglo-American Cold War alliance and defence of Christianity

July-August 2000 - Volume VI, no. 7-8

1) KZG Conference 2000
2) Book reviews:

a) Barnett, Bystanders
b) Furuya, Japanese Theology
c) Garrard-Burnett, Protestantism in Guatemala

3) Conference Report: Religion and the Cold War
4) Film Review: Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace.

June 2000 - Volume VI, no. 6

 1) Obituary: Joachim Mehlhausen
2) Karl Barth Prize awarded to South African academic
3) Forthcoming conference: German Studies Association
4) Book Reviews:

a) G.Lewy, The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies
b) A.Vuletic, Christen juedischer Herkunft
c) J.D.Thiesen, Mennonite & Nazi?
d) F.Ludwig, Church and State in Tanzania

5) New articles -

M.Lindsay, Karl Barth's dialectics,
J.Pollard, The Vatican and the Wall St. crash
S.P.Ramet, Religion and Politics in Germany
J.Alwell, Religious liberty in Sweden

May 2000 - Volume VI, no. 5

1) New Website
2) Obituary - Dieter Albrecht
3) Book reviews

a) The Holocaust and the Christian World
b) U.Werner, Anthroposophism under Nazism
c) H.Roggelin, Franz Hildebrandt
d) G.Besier, Kirche, Politik und Gesellschaft im 20 Jahrhundert

4) Book notes

a) Building the Church in America
b) H.Troper, The Ransomed of God

5) Journal articles: Zalar, Borromausverein ,Jones, Catholic conservatives

April 2000 - Volume VI, no. 4

1) Obituary for Eberhard Bethge

2) Excerpt from the foreward (by Clifford Green) to the new edition of Eberhard Bethge's Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography (edited and translated by Victoria Barnett)

3) Viewpoints on the Pope's Visit to Israel

a) Scott Appleby
b) Susannah Heschel

4) Book review of Anne Loveland, Evangelicals in the United States Military

5) Book notes:

a) John Cornwell, Hitler's Pope
b) Susannah Heschel, Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus
c) Robert P. Ericksen and Susannah Heschel, eds., Betrayal: German Churches and the Holocaust
d) Gerhard Lindemann, "Typisch jüdisch" Die Stellung der Ev.-luth. Landeskirche Hannovers zu Antijudaismus, Judenfeindschaft und Antisemitismus 1919-1949

5) Conference Reports:

a) American Society of Church Historians, January 2000
b) Holocaust and Churches Conference, Philadelphia, March 2000
c) Military Chaplains in their Contexts, March 2000

6) Research in Progress: Victoria Barnett

March 2000 - Volume VI, no. 3

1) Forthcoming conference, Oslo August 2000

2) Book reviews: a) Wilkinson, Christian Socialism, b) ed.G.Kelly, Reflections on Bonhoeffer, c) Terray, Bishop Ordass, d) A.Ion, Canadian Missionaries in Japan.

3) Book notes: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Friedrich Thimme's Church Struggle, Mitteilungen d. evang.Arbeitsgemeinschaft f. kirchl. Zeitgeschichte, Munich


February 2000 -- Vol VI, no. 2

1) Obituary, Dr L.Siegele-Wenschkewitz

2) Forthcoming Conference, 30th Annual Scholars Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, Philadelphia, March 2000

3) Book reviews: a) Selinger, C.von Kirschbaum und Karl Barth, b)Voegelin, Hitler and the Germans, c) Railton, German Evangelicals and the Third Reich

4) Book notes: Lindemann, Esau's Tears, Chiari, Alltag hinter der Front, ed. P. Smith, After the Wall, Kretschmar, Das bischoefliche Amt, Mensing, Pfarrer und Nationalsozialismus

5) Journal articles: R Schafer, Japanese Internees, G.Besier, East German Churches, B.Schafer, East German Catholics,

6) Correction: H.Kreutzer, Reich Church Ministry

7) Technical note


January 2000 - Vol VI, no.1 

1) Book reviews: a) ed. G.Baum, The twentieth century, b) J. Cornwell, Hitler's Pope

2) G.Baum, Catholics in the Weimar Republic

3) Journal articles: O Heilbronner, Catholic Resistance, B. Stambolis, German Catholics, M. Greschat, Churches in the GDR, M. Elliott.S. Corrado, Religion in Russia

4) Website: Karl Barth archive

December 1999 - Vol V, no 12

1) Conference reports, Protestant Churches under Communism, Sandbjerg, Denmark; German Studies Association, Atlanta, USA; Bonhoeffer Conference, Penn State, USA;

2) Book review: The Cambridge Companion to Dietrich Bonhoeffer

3) New Journal issue, Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte

4) Book notes: Dorothee Soelle, Memoirs, L.Spitzer, Hotel Bolivia


November 1999 - Vol V, no 11

1) Book reviews: Coppa, Controversial Concordats; Booty, American Apostle; Political Catholicism in Europe

2) Report on 1999 Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte Conference, Berlin

3) H .Kreutzer M.A.thesis

4) Book notes: v.Weizsacker, Vier Zeiten; Dowland, 19th century Anglican Theological training; Aliff, Catholic converts; Krawchuk, Christian social ethics in Ukraine


October 1999 - Vol V, no 10

1) Conference announcement, Penn State

2) Boston College Conference report: Confronting totalitarianism

3) Forthcoming conference, Notre Dame, Ind: Military chaplaincies

4) Book reviews: Moore, H.P. Hughes, Finke, K. Barth in Grossbritannien

5) Journal article: Moses, Justifying War

6) In memoriam: Sabine Leibholz

August/September 1999 - Vol V, no 8-9


1) Book reviews: Chadwick, History of the Popes; D Arcy O Brien, The Hidden Pope; Luxmore and Babiuch, Vatican and the Red Flag; Muller-Rolli, Evangelische Schulpolitik

2) Book notes: K-H-Kandler, Kirche in Freiberg 1989-90; When Night Fell, Holocaust short stories

3) R. Healy dissertation: The Jesuits as Enemy 1980-1917


July 1999 - Vol V, no. 7


1) Conference report, UBC German History Colloquium, June 1999

2) Kosovo: German Churches Declaration

3) Book reviews: Kirby, Church, State and Propaganda; Fritz, Otto Dibelius

4) Book notes: Freiheit gestalten; I.Kershaw, Hitler Vol I


June 1999 - Vol V, no 6


1) Requests for biographical and research information

2) New electronic website for theology

3) Journal for theHistory of Modern Theology

4) Journal issue: Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte 1998/2

5) Book reviews: Nagel, Martin Rade; Collins, Methodism in Alabama

6) Personalia: Archbishop Tutu, Prof U. Ranke-Heinemann

May 1999 - Vol V, no 5

1) Editorial: Yugoslavia

2) Forthcoming conferences, UBC, Vancouver and Boston, Mass

3)Book reviews: Drapac, War and Religion; Buttner and Greschat, Die verlassene Kinder; Reich, Mexico's hidden revolution

4) Journal for the History of Modern Theology


April 1999 - Vol V, no 4

1) Book reviews: Jehovah's Witnesses; Brewer, Anti-Catholicism in N. Ireland; Chandler, Terrible Alternative; Recker, Bischof Berning

2) Thesis abstract: Jeff Zalar

3) Journal articles: Conzemius, Protestants and Catholics in the GDR; The Orthodox Churches and the Ecumenical Movement

4) New books noted, Koschorke, Christen und Gewurze; H.Warren, Theologians of a new world order, R. Niebuhr and the Christian realists; Greschat, Personenlexikon Religion und Theologie; Stone and Weaver, Against the Third Reich: Tillich s broadcasts.


March 1999 - Vol V, no 3

1) Editorial: German Church historiography

2) Book reviews: L.Xi, Conversion of missionaries in China; P.Blet, Pie XII; Arrington, Adventures of a church historian

3) Journal article: Greschat, Kirche und Widerstand

4) Another martyr: Sister Maria Restituta Kafka, Austria.


February 1999 - Vol V, no 2 

1) Modern Martyrs Monument

2) Book reviews: Chandler, The Moral Imperative; Haynes, Holocaust education; Baginski, Religious policy in French-occupied Germany

3) Journal articles: Greschat, Church policy in the French zone of occupation 1945-49; Husband, Soviet atheism; Ackermann, Catholics in Hanover; Novak, Jews and Catholics; Prein, Moravians in Africa; Braun, Ludwig Ihmels

4) Book notices: Hexham, Concise Dictionary of Religion


January 1999 - Vol V, no 1

1) Forthcoming conferences

2) Book reviews: Deselaers, Rudolf Hoess; Melady, The Ambassador's Story; Phillips, A kingdom on earth; Ramer, Nihil Obstat

3) Journal articles: Carter, The ecumenical movement in its early years; Conway, Coming to terms with the (German) past; Cole-Arnal, The JOC in France

4) Book notices: L.E.Lee, World War II; Frank Eyck, Religion and Politics in German History

December 1998 - Vol IV, no 12


1) Forthcoming Historical Conference, Oslo, Aug.2000

2) Thesis abstract: Karl Barth. Covenanted Solidarity. M.Lindsay, W.Australia

3) The Erosion of Conscience and Holocaust perpetrators. P.Baehr

4) Book review: Kalusche, Das Schloss an der Grenze. NS und Heilanstalten


November 1998 - Vol IV, no 11 

1) FDR Conference, Hyde Park New York, Oct 1998

2) Networking for Association List-members

3) Book reviews: Gerrens, Medizinisches Ethos und theologische Ethik; Mensing, Pfarrer und Nationalsozialismus; Lutzer, Hitler s Cross

4) New Bonhoeffer Home Page

5) Conference on "Europe Divided or United", July 1999

6) A communist invokes the power of prayer


October 1998 - Vol IV, no 10

1) Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte conference, Augsut 1998

2) Book reviews: Fandel, Konfession und Nazismus; Goerner, GDR Church and State; von Heyl, Katholizismus in Deutschland 1945-90

3) Research enquiry - German Catholic journals

4) Book notes: Busch, Katholische Frommingkeit und Moderne

5) Journal articles: Railton, German Free Churches and the Nazi regime; McGreevy, Catholicism and the American Intellectual Imagination 1928-60

6) Kirchliche Tourismus - Israel


September 1998 - Vol IV, no. 9


1) Forthcoming conferences, GSA, Salt Lake City and FDR Conference, Hyde Park NY

2) Book reviews: Herzing, History of Jews in Germany; Schmitt, Quakers and Nazis

3) New publication plans in German church history

4) Book notes: Society,Culture and the State 1870-1930; Friedlander and Hamerow on the Catholic Church; Remembrance, Repentance and Reconciliation

5) Bonhoeffer: a Righteous Gentile?


August 1998 - Vol IV, no. 8


1) Congratulations

2) Forthcoming conference, KZG, Lund, Sweden, August

3) Book reviews: Davies and Nefsky, How silent were the churches?; (Canada) Hering, Theologinnen, Lauterer, Liebestatigkeit

4) Thesis review: B.Hall, Mormons in the GDR

5) Journal article: Ribegge, Joseph Mausbach

6) Book note: Ramm, Resistance and morality


July 1998 - Vol IV, no 7


1) Congratulations

2) Book reviews: Graham and Alvarez, Nothing Sacred (Vatican in WWII); Evangelische Pfarrer

3) Journal article: Webster, Non-aryan clergymen in exile

4) Kirchliche Tourismus: South Tyrol


June 1998 - Vol IV, no. 6


1) Historisches Kolleg Colloquium, Munich, May 1998

2) Journal issue: Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte 1997/2

3) Book reviews: Beck, Bistumspresse in Hesse; Synan, Pentecostalism

4) Journal articles: Ustorf, German Missions; Greschat, European unity


May 1998 - Vol IV, no 5


1) Pius XII and the Jews

2) The Hidden Encyclical

3) Conference proceedings: American Catholic History Association

4) Conference announcement: Holocaust and Reconciliation

5) Book reviews: Raabe, SED Staat und katholische Kirche; Sugate, Japanese Christians

April 1998 - Vol IV, no 4

1) Editorial: Vatican Document on the Shoah

2) Scholars Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, Seattle, March 1998

3) Holocaust Conference, Notre Dame, April 1998

4) Book reviews: Religion in Russia; J.Burgess, East German Church

5) Journal article: Confessional cultures 1945

6) Bonhoeffer Society publications


March 1998 - Vol IV, no 3 

1) The Hidden Encyclical

2) Book reviews: Latour, Papacy in World War I; Bacque, Crimes and Mercies

3) Kirchliche Toiurismus or Postcards from Sacred Spots: Shakers in Massachusetts


February 1998 - Vol IV, no 2 

1) Prize awarded to Peter Hoffmann

2) Letter to the Editor, John Abbott

3) Report on Amer. Soc. Church History, Seattle, January 1998

4) New issue of Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte 1997/1

5) Book reviews: J.Moses, From Oxford to the Bush; R,Hering, Vom Seminr zur Universität

6) Book notes: Hamerow on Cardinal Faulhaber

7) Work in progress: Susan Brown

8) Vergangenheitsbewältigung in Canada

9) Bonhoeffer statue


January 1998 - Vol IV, no 1


1) Editorial: Writing Church History

2) Query to the List: Rob Levy

3) Note on Religious Education in Germany

4) Book reviews: Silomon, Synode und SED Staat; Laechele, Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Eine Glaube

5) Coming to terms with the past in Jena

December 1997-Vol III, no. 12


1) Conference Reports:

a) Darmstadt Declaration b) G.S.A.,Washington D.C. c) Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Wittenberg, Germany

2) Journal Articles: D.Bergen, "Wehrmacht Chaplaincy", C.Strohm, "Faith and Resistance", L. Siegele-Wenschkewitz, "Evangelical Academies", M.P.Berg, "Austrian Socialists and Church after 1945"

3) Book reviews: a) Fleischner and Phayer, Cries in the Night, b) Sittser, Cautious Patriotism

4) Work in progress: a) Mark Lindsay, b) John Abbott

November 1997-Vol III, no. 11


1) Journal article: Klemperer on Bonhoeffer

2) Book reviews

a) W.D.Halls, Politics, Society and Christianity in Vichy France

b) A.Jarlet, Oxford Group and Churches in northern Europe, 1930- 1945

c) ed H.Lehmann, Saekularisierung, Dechristianisierung, Rechristianisierung im neuzeitlichen Europa

d) T.Sandkuehler,Galizien

3) Churches in the G.D.R.

4) Work in progress: Kyle Jantzen

October 1997-Vol III, no. 10


1) Conference announcement - ASCH-Seattle - Jan. '98

2) Book reviews:

a)Festschrift fo/P>

- Bergen: "Military chaplains . . ."

- Munro: "The Reich Church Ministry . . . "

3) Book reviews:

Carpenter, Robert Runcie

Misselwitz, Nicht laenger mit dem Gesicht nach Westen

Swoboda, Revolution of the Candles

Holmes and Keele, When Truth was Treason

4) Journal articles:

R.Sun, "Catholic-Marxist competition . . ."

R.Birn, Goldhagen review

5) Book note: Mission Matters


September 1997 - Vol III, no 9

1) Conference announcement: Wittenberg, November 1997

2) Book reviews: Baum, The Church for Others, Vance, Death so Noble

3) Journal article: Heilbronner and Muhlberger, "Catholics in 1933"

4) Member's publication: Hilmar Pabel on Erasmus


August 1997 - Vol III, no 8

1) Niemoller debate

2) Conference paper precis

  • Bergen: "Military chaplains . . ."
  • Munro: "The Reich Church Ministry . . . "

3) Book reviews:

  • Carpenter, Robert Runcie
  • Misselwitz, Nicht laenger mit dem Gesicht nach Westen
  • Swoboda, Revolution of the Candles
  • Holmes and Keele, When Truth was Treason
4) Journal articles:
  • R. Sun, "Catholic-Marxist competition . . ."
  • R. Birn, Goldhagen review

5) Book note: Mission Matters


July 1997 - Vol III, no 7

1. Conference announcement

2. Book reviews

Hope, German and Scandinavian Protestantism
Chandler, Brethren in Adversity
Davidson, Selwyn's Legacy

June 1997 - Vol III, no 6 

1) New books

2) Journal article: Minkenberg, Civil Religion and German Unification

3) Book reviews:

Gilbert, The Boys
McLeod, Piety and Poverty

4) Holocaust Conference in Russia

5) Bonhoeffer Website.

May 1997 - Vol III, no 5 

1) Vancouver Symposium: Christians confronting the Holocaust

2) Churches in the G.D.R.

3) Book reviews:

Franklin Littell, Hyping the Holocaust
Donald Crosby, Battlefield Chaplains

April 1997 - Vol III, no 4 

1. Conference Reports - Tampa, Bensheim

2. Precis of paper - M.Lindsay: "Barthian Dogmatics"

3. New journal articles

4. Book review: J.Hutchinson: Champions of Charity

March 1997 - Vol III, no 3 

1) Web-site change

2) Congratulations

3) Obituaries: Heiner Grote, Jorgen Glenthoy

4) New issue of journal: Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte Vol 8, no 2, 1996

5) Video review: Hanged on a twisted cross.

6) Book reviews: Bishop Galen of Muenster

(Vol III, no 2) - February 1997 

1) New Web-site

2) Conference announcement

3) Gordon Mork, "Situation update - Oberammergau Today"

4) Book Reviews:

a) Peter Hoffmann, Stauffenberg reviewed by John S. Conway

b) Theodor Thomas, Women against Hitler reviewed by Doris Bergen

(Vol. III, no.1) - January 1997 

Doris Bergen, "The Goldhagen Debate"

Ranier Laechele, "Anselm Doering-Manteuffel and Kurt Nowak, eds, Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte. Urteilsbildung und Methoden. (Konfession und Gesellschaft, Beitraege zur Zeitgeschichte), Vol 8, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer 1996"

Kurt-Victor Selge, "Theological Studies in Berlin"

Newsletter no 24 (Vol II, no 12) - December 1996 

Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte Colloquium, Heidelberg

Friedl Lang, "Hitler's visit in 1934 to the Oberammergau Passion Play - an eye-witness account"

Review: Saul Friedman, The Oberammergau Passion Play: A Lance against Civilisation, Southern Illinois U.Press 1984

"Jehovah's Witnesses: A new documentary video-Stand Firm"

Index of books reviewed or noticed in 1996

Newsletter no 23 (Vol II, no 11) - November 1996

Journal Articles

Jay P.Corrin, "H.A.Reinhold: Liturgical Pioneer and Anti-Fascist," Catholic Historical Review, Vol. LXXXII no 3, July 1996.

Francis Latour, [the Vatican in WWII], Guerres Mondiales, April 1996, no. 182.

Book Reviews

Heinz Wilhelmy, Aus meinem Leben, Evangelischer Presseverlag Pfalz, Speyer 1996, 310 pp.

Trutz Rendtorff, ed., Protestantische Revolution? Kirche und Theologie in der DDR: Ekklesiologische Voraussetzungen, politische Kontext, theologische und historische Kriterien, Goettingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1993, 357 pp., reviewed by John Burgess

Newsletter no. 22 (Vol II, no 10) - October 1996 


Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Vol 9, no 1, 1996, essays on the two German dictatorships.

J.S.Conway, "The European Churches' search for a new international order 1919-89" in C.Baechler and C.Fink, The establishment of European Frontiers after two world wars, P. Lang: Berne 1996.

Book reviews:

Gerhard Besier, Der SED-Staat und die Kirche 1983-1991. Hoehenflug und Absturz. Berlin: Propylaen Verlag 1995, reviewed by Robert Goeckel.

Winfried Siebert, Das Maedchen, das nicht Esther heissen darf: Eine exemplarische Geschichte. Leipzig: Reklam Verlag 1996, reviewed by Marion Grau.

Kurt Nowak, ed., Adolf von Harnack als Zeitgenosse: Reden und Schriften aus den Jahren des Kaiserreichs und der Weimarer Republik. Vol 1: Der Theologe und Historiker; Vol 2: Der Wissenschaftsorganisator und Gelehrtenpolitiker. Berlin/New York De Gruyter Verlag DM 460.00 and Johanna Jantsch, Der Briefwechsel zwischen A. v. H und Martin Rade (1879-1930): Theologie auf dem oeffentlichen Markt, Berlin/New York: De Gruyter Verlag 1996, ca. 920 Seiten, reviewed by Uwe Rieske-Braun.

Newsletter no 21 (Vol II, no 9) - September 1996

Bonhoeffer on the Inter-Net

German Studies Association Conference, 1996


Michael Phayer, "The German Catholic Church after the Holocaust," Holocaust and Genocide Studies Fall 1996, pp. 151-65.

Book Reviews

Thomas M. Schneider, Reichsbischof Ludwig Muller: Eine Untersuchung zu Leben und Personlichkeit. Arbeiten zur kirchlichen Zeitgeschichte, Series B: Darstellungen 19, Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 1993, 384 pp. reviewed by Doris Bergen

Klaus Erich Pollmann ed., Der schwierige Weg in die Nachkriegszeit. Die evangelisch-lutherische Landeskirche in Braunschweig 1945-1950. Studien zur Kirchengeschichte Niedersachsens: 34. Gottingen; Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 1995, 335 pp. reviewed by John Conway

Joan Marshall, A Solitary Pillar. Montreal's Anglican Church and the Quebec Revolution. Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press 1995. 220 pp. reviewed by John Conway

G. Passelecq and B. Suchecky, L'encyclique cachee de Pie XI. Une occasion manquee de l'eglise face a l'antisemitism, Paris: Editions La Decouverte 1995, 321 pp. reviewed by Michael Phayer

Newsletter no. 20 (Vol II no. 8) - August 1996

1. Conferences:

US Holocaust Memorial Museum on Dohnanyi and Bonhoeffer

2. New Books:

Robert F. Goeckel, Die evangelische Kirche und die DDR. Konflikte, Gesprache, Vereinbarungen unter Ulbricht und Honecker. Reviewed by Prof. Gerhard Besier.

Rudolf Mau, Eingebunden in den Realsozialismus? Die evangelische Kirche als Problem der SED, and Siegfried Brauer and Clemens Vollnhals eds., In der DDR gibt es keine Zensur. Die evangelische Verlagsanstalt und der Praxis der Druckgenehmigung 1954-1989. Reviewed by John S. Conway.

Newsletter no. 19 (Vol II, no. 7) - July 1996 

1. New Books: The Bickersteth Diaries 1914-1918, introduction by John Terraine, ed. John Bickersteth, Leo Cooper, London 1995, 332 pp. Reviewed by John S. Conway.

2. Forthcoming conference: Kirkliche Zeitgeschichte

3. Works in progress

Newsletter no. 18 (Vol II, no. 6) - June 1996 

1. Book review: Christopher M.Clark, The Politics of Conversion. Missionary Protestantism and the Jews in Prussia 1728-1941, Clarendon Press, Oxford 1995, 340 pp. Reviewed by David Diephouse.

Newsletter no 17 (Vol II, no 5) - May 1996 

1. Eastern Germany

2. Austria

3. Southern Germany: Book Review:

Bernhard Lehmann, Katholische Kirche und Besatzungsmacht in Bayern 1945-1949 im Spiegel der OMGUS- Akten (Miscellanea Bavarica Monacensis Bd 153), Neue Schriftenreihe des Stadtarchivs Munchen 1994, 453 pp.

4. Denzification

Newsletter no 16 (Vol II, no 4) - April 1996


In memoriam Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Newsletter no 15 (Vol II, no 3) - April 1996 

1. Conference Report

2. Book Reviews

a) Doris Bergen, Twisted Cross: the German Christian movement in the Third Reich.

b) Erich Loest, Nikolaikirche.

c) Jay Winter, Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning. The Great War in European cultural history.

Newsletter no 14 - March 1996 

1. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

2. New Books

3. New Arrival

4.The Church in the Palatinate (continued)

Newsletter no 13 - February 1996 

1. Journals

2. Summer Seminar: 1 July - 9 August 1996

3. New Books

Newsletter no 12 - January 1996 

1. Forthcoming Conferences

2. Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany

3. Works in Progress

4. New Books

a) 1894-1982 Kreuz und Hakenkreuz im Leben eines pfalzer Pfarrers und Landesbischofs, reviewed by John S. Conway.

b) The rescue of Jews in wartime Poland, reviewed by John S. Conway.

5. Index for 1995: Books reviewed or noticed

Newsletter No. 11, December 1995

1. Request for information

2. Gertrud Luckner in memoriam

3. New Books

4. New publications to note

5. Jehovah's Witnesses in the Nazi period

Newsletter No. 10, November 1995 

1. Book Notices

2. 19th Century German Protestant Church History

3. Next issue

Newsletter no 9 - October 1995

1. Notices from the International Bonhoeffer Society

2. Work in progress

3. Book notices

Newsletter no 8 - September 1995 

1. Conferences

2. Books

Newsletter no. 7 - August 1995 

1. Enquiry

2. H-Net.

3. Book Notices

a) Kurt Nowak and Gerard Raulet eds., Protestantismus und Anitsemitismus in der Weimarer Republik, Campus, Frankfurt 1994.

b) Roman Bleistein, Alfred Delp, Knecht, Frankfurt 1989, and Michael Pope, Alfred Delp S.J. im Kreisauer Kreis. Die rechts- und sozial-philosophischen Grundlagen in seinen Konzeptionen fuer eine Neuordnung Deutschlands. Veroff. d. Komm. fur Zeitgeschichte, Reihe B. Forschungen Bd 63, Mathias Grunewald, Mainz 1994 Reviewed by Michael Phayer.

c) Jacques Semelin, Unarmed against Hitler. Civilian resistance in Europe 1939-1945, Praeger, Westport Conn./London 1993.

d) Henri Fabre, L'eglise catholique face au fascisme at au nazisme. Les outrages a la verite, Brussels 1994, and Anthony Rhodes, The Vatican in the age of the Cold War, London 1992.

e) Hans-Dieter Schutt, Anna Rosmus - die 'Hexe' von Passau, Dietz, Berlin 1994.

Newsletter no 6 - July 1995 

1. Conferences

2. Book Notices

Newsletter no 5: June 1995 

1. Conferences

2. New Books

3. The Vatican and the Jews

4. Contributions

Newsletter no. 4, May 1995 

1."Christianity and Resistance" Conference, Birmingham, April 19-23 1995

2. 7th International Bonhoeffer Congress

3. Meetings

Newsletter no. 3, April 1995

In Memoriam Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Newsletter 2 - March 1995

1. Introductions:

2. Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Vol 7, no 2, 1994
Themenschwerpunkt: Kirche und Diktatur

3. Conferences

4. Auschwitz and other memorials

Newsletter 1 - March 1995

1. Introductions:

2. Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Vol 7, no 2, 1994
Themenschwerpunkt: Kirche und Diktatur

3. Conferences

4. Auschwitz and other memorials

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